7 Fictional Places To Occupy

We are the 99% of characters you grew up with.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Occupy Wall Street protests have spread around the world. However, what about worlds beyond our own? Surely on distant planets and parallel universes, the citizenry care about the economic injustices happening on ours. The answer is: obviously yes. Here’s photographic evidence as proof:


Occupy Sesame Street

Police brutality is happening near… and far. [via]


Occupy Gotham

I wonder how many occupiers have considered vigilante justice at this point. [via]


Occupy Death Star

Protest. Or protest not. There is no going over there just to check it out or whatever. [via]


Occupy Elm Street

First our 401k’s, now our goddamn dreams. [via]


Occupy Emerald City

The Wonderful Wizard of Anon(ymous). [via]


Occupy Legoland

Standing up to yellow-bellied bank executives. (For non-toys who want to support this protest, camp out at Legoland theme park in California. The security guards there will love that!) [via]


Occupy Mordor

You have my sword… and my willingness to send a donation. [via, 2]


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