No Rest for the Nerdy – Vol. 42

Goodbye to our loved ones. We're too busy playing Zelda, Skyrim, The Old Republic, Halo and more this weekend!

Erik, Joey, Mike, Alex & Paulby Erik, Joey, Mike, Alex & Paul


We never stop playing video games. That’s a fact. Even after we call it quits for the week we still look forward to getting home and continuing our digital conquests. It’s our life blood. So we thought it would be fun to share with everyone what our gaming intentions are for the weekend so you guys can get a sense of what we're playing and enjoying on a weekly, non-formal basis. Yes, this concept isn't new to the internet. But hey, we kind of want to join in on the fun. Can you blame us for that? So without further ado, here’s what we’re playing this weekend that will forfeit any semblance of rest…

Please feel free to sound off below to let us know what your gaming plans are this weekend.

mikeMike White: What’s a guy to do? Laid out on my coffee table are copies of Batman: Arkham City, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Jimmie Johnson’s Anything With a Motor. The options are just unbearable. I was just getting into the meat of the story in Arkham City, then Skyrim arrived, forcing me to drop everything else and focus on my review. Both are Game of the Year award worthy. Both have so much content left to discover. But what about Jimmie Johnson’s?

As if my gaming overload couldn’t get any worse, I finally received an invite to the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta testing weekend. My girlfriend, food and hygiene will all be damned once 6:00pm rolls around and I can log into that game. I am going to double-lightsaber Jedi Shadow the shit outta people from then until I pass out from exhaustion sometime tomorrow morning.

It’s so hard for me to even fathom a period of time when I was begging for a new great game to come out. Late 2011 to early 2012 is on pace to be one of the best runs of game releases I’ve ever seen. My bed will just have to miss me.  

alexAlex Keen: I was sent a review copy of Halo Anniversary, so I’ve been spending most of my gaming hours revisiting an old friend.  Erik and I have chattered about playing some co-op.  Is this the kind of guy I could trust to battle the Flood with? Perhaps.

On the iOS front, I have been playing a ton of Jetpack Joyride.  Like hours worth.  It is easily the most addictive new game I’ve played since Peggle.  It is perfect on an iPod, iPad, or even on a bigger console.  If Half Brick is smart they’ll have this game on every digital device the world has seen.

That’s all for this weekend, I won’t be stuck playing Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 like everyone else and their mom because I don’t own either. Have a good one, folks!

joeyJoey Davidson: I’m playing, basically, the same titles I was playing last week.

While I’ve beaten Super Mario 3D Land, I keep diving back in every time I get some free space around my 3DS. It’s a game that’s forced me to fall in love with Nintendo’s handheld, and I can’t commend it enough for that. I’m hoping the 3DS moves a good bit of units now that it has a stellar, original game in its ranks.

Skyward Sword continues, as well. I’m 12 hours into the title right now, but I’m hoping to have it conquered before next weekend. The game is gorgeous and probably the best excuse motion control has ever seen. It’s also a completely unique Zelda title, and I applaud Nintendo for going this route.

Finally, I’ll be playing Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer component. The single player was, as our review indicated, good but not great. The multiplayer? I haven’t even checked out more than a single match yet. Hopefully I get nerdy with the experience all over again.

erikErik Norris: I’m taking a cues from Alex this weekend (God help me). I’ve also got a copy of Halo Anniversary, which I’m currently putting through its paces for a review on Monday when the embargo lifts (hopefully). While I can’t say too much now, I will say it’s a nice trip down memory lane, and that’s exactly what it’s meant to be.

Outside Halo? Well, I’ll be playing a number of multiplayer games, one for review with Joey and the other for fun. The one for review is Modern Warfare 3. Like our single player review, Joey and I plan to combine forces to review MW3’s multiplayer component. Look for that next week sometime, after we’ve pumped significant hours into the mode. As for the fun option, that’s Battlefield 3, baby. I seriously can’t get enough of Battlefield’s multiplayer, it’s absolutely divine. The maps are massive, firefights are tactical and downright scary, and the sounds of war in this game make me rise six to midnight. That’s right kids, constant boner while playing this game. At. All. Times.

Lastly, there’s a little game called Skyrim that just came out. I’ve been swaying back and forth on if I want to pick it up or not. My body says “yes,” but my calendar says “no.” It’s a massive game that I have no chance of ever finishing, yet I’m still compelled to pick it up and create the biggest badass with the largest, woolliest beard the world of Skyrim has ever seen. We’ll see if I get around to it.

paulPaul Tamburro: Currently I am watching the Mrs. play through the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. After throwing a smoke grenade at her own feet, she is now repeatedly tapping left trigger whilst bellowing “WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO BE FOLLOWING?!” Initially I found her incompetence cute, but as she shoots a barrel that she has somehow mistaken for an enemy, I am slowly starting to feel myself fill with resentment.

I am so far reasonably enjoying the multiplayer, although CoD has never really been my thing; however, that still doesn’t stop me from buying the newest iteration each year, like the dirty little consumerist that I am. What I’m not so happy about, however, is the fact that game shops over here in the UK have taken it upon themselves to add an extra £5 to its price. Seriously? You aren’t going to make enough money already? I understand that it’s a tough economic climate and high-street stores are suffering, but really, f*** you guys.

Aside from CoD, I shall be playing another AAA title which you may have heard of… that’s right… ActionSwing for Android. For the uninitiated among you, ActionSwing centres around the plight of a stickman, who has inexplicably found himself stuck in a putrid green world whilst being forced to swing endlessly on a rope, with you occasionally helping him to safety via touchscreen. It doesn’t come much more gritty than that.

Oh, she just flash banged herself again.