Are You THAT Guy?

Let's be honest...

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

Ok, I know you may be a guy, but some people have to be THAT guy.  It's inescapable.  I first heard the term used by one of my favorite comedians Bill Burr in his special called "Why Do I Do This?".  He had his interpretation of it, which is substantially hilarious, but also makes THAT guy into a bad thing.  I'm here today to let you know it's Ok to be THAT guy, at least the one I'm going to describe.  So I made you sort of a list of questions that will help you determine if you're THAT guy.  Don't be afraid, give it a shot.  
By the way, I happen to almost always be THAT guy, so I have some perspective here.  
Do you get off the elevator on the wrong floor?
This is a typical THAT guy error.  For some reason, we assume that because the elevator has stopped, we're home free.  This is not an arrogant thing, nor is it because of a lack of intelligence.  It is simply one of those little moments that make life so sweet.  Bitter sweet in fact, because once you step out of the elevator and realize you're on the wrong floor, you have to either jump back in before it leaves, or play it cool.  There's always a flight of steps somewhere, no need to show everyone you flubbed it.  It's all good.
Do you tell awkward jokes in public settings?
Being THAT guy, sometimes we feel like we have to entertain people.  It's not that we think we're super funny or anything, we just think we can make a few people laugh.  The world needs that right?  But for some reason, no one seems to think these jokes are funny.  Maybe it's the setting, or maybe you're playing for a tough crowd.  Who knows?  But saying "that's what she said" in the checkout line at the grocery store when someone says "it's so long" doesn't get as big a laugh as you might think.
Are you the only one drinking?
Before you think that all of a sudden I need an intervention or something, hear me out.  THAT guy wants to have fun and socialize wherever he is.  If we're out with friends, or at some kind of event, we wanna get the party started and let the good times roll.  Not in a frat boy, douchey kind of way, but in a genuinely light-hearted kind of way.  Unfortunately, sometimes we look around and realize we're the only one with a drink in hand, or just the only drunk person, at the aforementioned event.  Oh, God forbid we have too much to drink at the kid's birthday party…Sheesh.
So in closing, I'm saying be proud to be THAT guy.  Not the Bill Burr kind of THAT guy, but my kind.  Because not everyone is bold enough to tell that awkward joke, or pour that first drink.  Not everyone is smooth enough to trick an elevator full of people into thinking we live on a different floor.  We are awesome, and I think we should celebrate being THAT guy and embrace it.  It's a beautiful thing.