NFL Power 10: Week 9

With over half the season gone, the playoff teams are starting to appear.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

I can tell you one thing 9 weeks into the NFL season, Green Bay is not going to let go of the top spot in our rankings easily. They continue to just flat out dominate on offense, bad defense be damned, and look as unstoppable as any team in recent memory. Odds are they are going to lose at some point, the only question now is when?


1. Green Bay Packers (8-0)

The Packers just continue to win despite their defense being average at best. I guess that's what winners do but I'm not drinking the kool aid on them yet. What people fail to realize with this team is once the cold comes in late December, the high flying offense they are running is going to come back down to Earth and with that defense, well, let's just say that Green Bay is not head and shoulders above everyone else.


2. San Francisco 49ers (7-1)

All the 49ers do is win anymore it seems, which is why they share the second spot on this list. OK, let's see if this team reminds you of anyone; a stingy defense combined with a good running game and a quarterback who can control the game with minimal mistakes. If you said the Steelers SuperBowl team of 2005, you'd be correct. Don't sleep on this San Fran team come playoff time.


3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

Major props to the Ravens for sweeping the Steelers and all but guarantees them a home playoff game this season. With the rest of their schedule pretty much a cake walk, they should end up winning the AFC North unless some major blow up occurs.


4. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

Even with the loss to the Ravens, the Steelers are arguably the best team in the AFC. Look at the facts of that game with Baltimore, they were playing without 2 of their top 4 receivers and was missing multiple key people on defense. Not taking anything away from Baltimore but a healthy Steelers team at this points beats them hands down.


5. Cincinnati Bengals (6-2)

So far this season, the Bengals have skated by on beating inferior opponents but don't get me wrong, a win is a win and the old Bengals would have never been 6-2. The problem here is that we really don't know how good this team is but hey, as fate would have it, we will soon. Cincy plays both Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice in the second half of the season.


6. Detroit Lions (6-2)

These Lions will face a monster of a challenge this week as they go on the road to face one of the hottest teams in the NFL, the Bears. This is a game with huge implications for the NFC and is vital for Detroit's playoff chances. We will see if they are more than just hype this week.


7. Houston Texans (6-3)

The Texans easily dismantled a disappointing Browns team on Sunday and with a somewhat manageable schedule from here on out, should capture the AFC South crown. Mental toughness is the key to this team. If they have it they could be a real threat come playoff time.


8. Chicago Bears (5-3)

Like I said earlier, Chicago is the hottest team outside of Green Bay in the NFL. They have slowly evolved into the type of team that is built for the playoffs. A strong running team that passes just enough behind a solid defense. Now they just have to get that elusive Wild Card spot.


9. New York Jets (4-4)

It seems that someone has injected some life into these old Jets as they are playing some good ball at the moment. The real test for them comes this weekend as a mad and fired up Patriots team comes to town looking to snap a two game losing streak. Win this one and New York is right on track for a potential division title.


10. Atlanta Falcons (5-3)

The Falcons edge out the Giants for the last spot on this list because I just can't bring myself to trust those flighty Giants. Atlanta, on the other hand, is starting to click on every part of the field and can really make a statement with a win over the Saints this Sunday.