The Big List: Rick Perry’s Gaffe! You Could Wake Up Gay!

Mr. Perry, the internet has a few thoughts on your last debate. Plus: a stroke turns a rugby player gay?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to be the Governor of Texas, run for president, get ahead in the polls, really suck at debating, attempt to “relaunch” your campaign, suck even harder at debating, so much so that it may end your campaign and check out these links!


Play Rick Perry Off, Keyboard Cat

The internet is having fun with Rick Perry’s GOP debate gaffe. YouTube, Twitter and… uh, the other one. Face…? I don’t know. Oops.


If You Have A Stroke, You Might Wake Up Gay

You know how Fred Flintstone’s personality changes when he gets hit in the head with a bowling ball? Like that, but with a rugby player’s sexuality and a stroke.


Leonardo da Vinci: Action Hero – Coming To A Theater Near You!,64832/

Now the only question is which will he fight: zombies or vampires?


Funniest Incorrect Test Answers

Being wrong never felt so right.


14 Creepy Luxury Sex Toys

Why not just have regular sex on top of all that money?


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. I’m Lance Dongle-Murphy and on behalf of the entire Big List Action News Team 11… good night.


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