Gotham City Impostors Release Date Set, Beta in Dec.

When can you join the Joker or Batman army? Find out inside!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


WB Games and Monolith Studios have formally announced the launch day for their zany, multiplayer-focused first-person shooter set in the world of Batman, Gotham City Impostors. The game will release on January 10, 2011 for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC. 

In addition to announcing the game’s firm release date, Warner Brothers also made mention in the press release sent out that Gotham City Impostors will host an open beta in December. You can still sign up for the event, and I suggest doing so as soon as possible as space is limited. Head over to the game’s official website to register.

Sure, Gotham City Impostors is no Batman: Arkham City. But then again, it isn’t trying to be. This game is all about having fun with a wacky multiplayer component pitting the legions of Batman followers against a legion of Joker enthusiasts. We’ve played the game at multiple conventions now, and we’ve consistently come away shocked by how fun the game is. The concept might be absurd, but the delivery more than makes up for it.

Test the waters out for yourself in December, and look for Gotham City Impostors on digital store shelves mid January.