8 Bizarre Celebrity Auctions

John Lennon’s tooth just sold at auction for $30,000. Find out what other celeb wares are sold!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

How much would you pay for a piece of pop culture? $5, $500, $5,000? Recently, a tooth of John Lennon’s was auctioned for over $30,000 this past week.  But it’s certainly not the first time that a random item belonging to a celebrity was auctioned off.

Take a look at 8 bizarre celebrity auctions and decide for yourself if you would have thrown down the loot for a piece of pop culture history.


Item: J. Edgar Hoover’s Favorite Evening Wear.

Price: $145,000

Description: Hey, Fellas! Want to tap into your more feminine side, but are afraid of looking like a panzy? This lush silk sweater and matching girdle/bra set was famously worn by "G-Man," J. Edgar Hoover. Walk the town fighting crime and runs in your pantyhose tonight! 


Item: Snooki’s Private Library

Price: 35 cents

Description: Hey Ladies! Want to have the IQ of Snooki? Now you can for the low price of 35 cents! Comes complete with no books whatsoever and a can of spray paint to huff to make yourself even dumber! Bid today!


Item: Marlon Brando’s Refrigerator.

Price: $5,000

Description: Looking to pack on an additional 300-400lbs? Then this item is for you! For a short time only, you have the chance to own the personal refrigerator that made Marlon Brando the man that he was at his obese death! 


Item: Charlton Heston’s Home Security System.

Price: $60,000

Description: Worried about home security? Worried about some unsavory characters in your neighborhood? So was Charlton Heston. But not to worry! You can own his own, personal, security system. 100% promised to work against robbers, bandits, aircraft, and enemy subs!


Item: John Rocker’s Favorite Clothes

Price: Not sold

Description: Want to dress like you favorite racist baseball player? Well you can today! For the low price of $25, err, wait… $10? $1? Someone? Anyone? Wait, where is everyone going? 


Item: Meryl Streep's "Acting Juice"

Price: $6500 

Description: Straight from her own personal stock, you too, can have the chance to be nominated for an Oscar every year! All it takes is some patented Meryl Streep's "Anabolic Acting Juice."


Item: Sarah Palin’s Family Bible

Price: $400

Description: Passed down through the family since 1938, this prized piece of Palin family lit has been at the center of every Thanksgiving and Christmas for years. And now, for a limited time, you can feel like a true Palin. 


Item: Lindsay Lohan’s Self-Respect

Price: Given away for free

Description: You too can have all this! All you need to do is drink… A lot… well, a ton, actually. That and take some naked pics for Playboy. Oh, and star in Herbie: Fully Loaded.