Top Canadian Celeb Chef Restaurants

Get your eat on with the cooking stars of television.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Our country's food landscape is rich and varied, from traditional Canadiana fare to cuisine influenced by international flavours. Many of our home-grown chefs have garnered enough buzz to be worthy of not only owning their own restaurants but of also having their own television shows – here are the top Canadian celeb chef restaurants where you can eat like a star.


Le Bemner, Garde Manger – Chuck Hughes

Becoming a household name after working in kitchens for 17 years, heading his own show "Chuck's Day Off" on the Food Network and Cooking Channel, and beating chef Bobby Flay on the "Iron Chef" stage a few months ago, Chuck Hughes also opened not one but two very successful restaurants in Montreal. His unique twist on Canadian cooking (like his mouth-watering lobster poutine) is really his claim to fame.


Laurier Gordon Ramsay – Gordon Ramsay

Opening his first Canadian venture just a few short months ago in Montreal, the loud (and quite audacious) chef Gordon Ramsay was visiting the city to promote his line of cookware with HBC and his partners took him to the local haunt Laurier BBQ, which he loved and bought. It was reopened under the name "Laurier Gordon Ramsay" in August.


Cactus Club Cafe – Rob Feenie

BC's most famous food export, chef Rob Feenie, owned two restos in Vancouver several years ago, Lumière and Feenie's, however after a disagreement with his partner he pulled out of both. He now acts as Food Concept Architect at the popular chain Cactus Club Cafe, with 19 locations in BC and Alberta.


Au Pied Du Cochon – Martin Picard

Slightly harried and willing to try anything, Martin Picard is both the owner and chef at Montreal's iconic Au Pied du Cochon, where their delectable variety of foie gras are all the rage, not to mention their most popular and well-known dish: duck in a can. He was host of the now-defunct show "The Wild Chef."


Cafe Boulud and Ritz-Carlton Montreal – Daniel Boulud

If having world-famous chef Daniel Boulud open a resto in Toronto on Canadian soil weren't exciting enough, he is also starting a restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, which is slated to open its doors in early 2012. He also has eateries in New York, Miami, Bejing, and Singapore.


North 44 – Mark McEwan

Host of "The Heat with Mark McEwan" and a judge on both "Superstar Chef Challenge" as well as Food Network Canada's "Top Chef Canada," McEwan is one of the country's most successful foodies and restaurateurs. His most recognized property is North 44, but he's also the name behind ONE at The Hazelton Hotel as well as an upscale grocery store.


Ruby Eats, Ruby Watchco – Lynn Crawford

The chef of Toronto's Ruby Eats and Ruby Watchco, Lynn Crawford was the first female executive chef to have headed both the Four Seasons Hotels in Toronto and New York City. She has competed in a number of "Iron Chef" battles and hosts the show "Pitchin' In," for which she was nominated for a Gemini Award.


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