The Idiot Box – Episode 60

This week, we take on "Grimm," "Prime Suspect," "House," "Fringe" and more!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Enjoy this week's episode of The Idiot Box with fava beans and a nice chianti!

Hannibal Lecter is coming to NBC, so Sax Carr (Crave Online's Comedy Channel Editor) and I take a look at the proposed "Hannibal" TV series before weighing in on the extra episode of "Sons of Anarchy," the proposed "Harold & Kumar" animated series, Burt Reynolds' guest spot on "Archer," and the early renewals of "Spartacus" and "American Horror Story" before reacting to your comments on my "Allen Gregory" review!

Also this week, we review "Strike Back," "Grimm," "Prime Suspect," "House" and the latest episode of "Fringe"! 



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