DEXTER 6.06 ‘Just Let Go’

Dexter struggles to fulfill Brother Sam's last wish as a familiar face from the past returns.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "Just Let Go"

Writer: Jace Richdale

Director: John Dahl

Previously on "Dexter":

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) grew close to Brother Sam (Mos), as the former killer turned preacher began to make Dexter see a brighter path for himself and his young son, Harrison. Meanwhile, the Doomsday Killer aka Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) and his mentor, Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos) began hunting for "the whore of Babylon" even as Travis began expressing more doubts about their mission to trigger the apocalypse. With the police now searching for Gellar, Travis was unable to procure a victim of his own until Gellar ran their car into two party-goers, leaving the man for dead and taking the woman with them.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Angel Batista (David Zayas) and Detective Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington) tracked down Gellar's former T.A., Professor Clarissa Morris (Mariana Klaveno); whom Quinn seduced and slept with. The next day, Batista went to Clarissa's home to pick up Quinn and he discovered Gellar's books; which had graphic drawings within them that directly mirrored the Doomsday Killer's actions to date. Elsewhere, Dexter learned who Travis was and he nearly killed him in his car until he was convinced that Gellar was the real power behind the Doomsday Killer. Thus, Dexter let Travis go in order to lead him to Gellar.

And in Brother Sam's garage, an assailant caught him off-guard and shot him multiple times, presumably killing him.


Dexter stalks Travis in a market place until he gets a call from his sister, Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter). Dexter tries to tell her that he's busy, but Debra relates the news about Brother Sam's shooting and it unnerves him. Dexter stops following Travis moments before he meets up with Professor Gellar; who gives Travis the order to brand their captive and ignores his pleas to give her painkillers for her broken arm. Dexter arrives at Brother Sam's garage and provides an analysis of the shooter's position in the absence of the security recording. The new detective, Mike Anderson (Billy Brown) points out that this might be retaliation from the gang over their missing leader, Julio; whom Dexter killed weeks before.

At the scene, Dexter blames himself for what happened and he identifies the man he hit with the baseball bat the night that Dexter and Brother Sam attempted to pull Nick (Germaine De Leon) out of Julio's gang. Elsewhere, Travis finds himself having more and more difficulty dealing with Gellar's orders. He even leaves his prisoner and spends some time with his sister and her young students. Back at the station, Debra notices that she is increasingly held at a distance by her co-workers. Meanwhile, Dexter tracks down his suspect and stakes out his house.

Unfortunately, Mike and the Miami metro have also figured out who the main suspect was and they pull up to the house before Dexter can make his move. The suspected killer dies in a firefight with police, but Dexter doesn't feel like it avenges Sam's injuries. The cops also find the security footage of the shooting which seems to close the case. At his home, Dexter wonders why he cares so much about Sam. Dexter's hallucination of his father, Harry (James Remar) tells Dexter that Brother Sam recognized a light in him that even Harry had missed. At the station, Quinn pressures Batista to protect his secret tryst with Clarissa Morris.

However, when Batista's questions to Clarissa come off as if they suspect her of being in league with Gellar, she reveals that she slept with Quinn. Afterwards, Debra rails at Quinn for jeopardizing their case by alienating their key witness. Meanwhile, Dexter realizes that the dog on the security footage didn't react to the shooter, and the only person who could tame the dog other than Brother Sam was Nick. Dexter quickly finds evidence that indicates that Nick was the shooter. Later, Dexter learns that Sam has come out of his coma, but he only has a short time to live. Dexter goes to see Sam and the dying man tells him to forgive Nick for what he did.

At Debra's new home, she throws a housewarming party to reconnect to her detectives and employees. She reconciles with Batista, but Quinn shows up drunk with a woman that he met at a bar and he promptly makes an ass out of himself. Quinn even begins hitting on Batista's younger sister, Jamie (Aimee Garcia) until Batista punches him out. Elsewhere, Travis finally disobeys Gellar and releases their intended victim instead of branding her. Back at the hospital, Dexter waits until he hears of Sam's passing. Then he finds Nick and brings him to the beach where he was baptized.

Soon enough, Dexter gets Nick to confess to the shooting. But to Nick's amazement, Dexter tells him that Brother Sam forgives him. For a few moments, Nick actually seems remorseful. But when he learns that Sam has died and the cops have no idea or proof of what he did, he is ecstatic. This enrages Dexter so much that he drowns Nick in the waters where he was baptized without any preparation. Moments later, Dexter hears a familiar voice. Dexter turns and sees his brother, Brian (Christian Camargo); aka The Ice Cream Truck Killer whom Dexter killed years ago…


In terms of surprise, I have to admit that the return of Brian "the Ice Cream Truck Killer" caught me unprepared. I've since read about it on the "Dexter" spoiler pages, but since Christian Camargo's guest stint wasn't widely publicized it made for a great moment.

Unfortunately, moments like that were very few in this episode. I get that Dexter was truly concerned for Sam's welfare, but that's twice now that he's let Travis escape and it almost certainly means that someone is going to die because of it. Travis may not want to be a killer or bring about the apocalypse, but Gellar does… and Travis most likely is Gellar. Or rather, Gellar only exists in his mind. This week's proof of that theory is that Gellar only shows up once Dexter stops following Travis… and once again, no one even looks at Gellar. Although it is weird that Travis has conversations with himself and no one notices.

I really liked Mos as Brother Sam and the way he made Dexter question his belief system. But it's hard to believe that Dexter was so tight with this guy that he let one a dangerous serial killer slip away just so he could run to the hospital. The most admirable thing about Brother Sam was that he truly believed what he was preaching and he actually forgave Nick for killing him. Dexter tried forgiveness for a few seconds and it could have saved Nick's life… until he was stupid enough to boast about beating a murder rap.

Nick's rationale about shooting Sam was kind of thin: Sam promised hope with religion and life was still hard? Tough f***ing s***. That's the problem with religious conversions. Belief in God can bring peace of mind, but you still have to do all the work if you want to improve your life. That's something that not even Dexter seems to understand. Not that he seems too interested in changing his ways. If Brian has replaced Harry as his imaginary guide, I can't picture anything good coming from it.

If there's anyone on "Dexter" begging to get killed off, it's Quinn. He managed to alienate his former lover/boss and his partner in the space of a day! Plus he pulled the ultimate dick move by hitting on Quinn's much younger sister and by bringing a woman he barely knew to Debra's party. Wait… I left out something… Oh yes, Quinn also screwed up the Gellar investigation by sleeping with the key witness. In reality, that alone would probably get him fired or demoted and transferred. But instead of any discipline, I'll bet Quinn finds a way to ruin his career on a much grander scale by the end of the season.

There is some potential in Debra's alienation from her colleagues, but in all honesty I don't really care about the supporting cast. This is Dexter's show and he remains the primary reason to come back and see what will happen next.

Crave Online Rating: 7.5 out of 10.