Funny Pages – If This Than That

Today’s videos take a lesson from an old comedy trick “If This Than That”  

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

It’s all about finding a unique thing in something that already exists (most movie references today) and then exploring “Well if that’s true, than what else is true”. For example if I drink enough coffee to make my pee smell like coffee, would drinking tons of coke make my pee fizzy? Would drinking Tabasco make fire shoot out of my urethra? If I drank small monkeys could I machine gun a barrel of monkeys out in the jungles of Vietnam and free POWs? And so on… now to the video machine!


CollegeHumor  – Batman Chooses His Voice (link)

OK finally a C. H.  sketch that knocks it out of the park. I knew they had it in them, and apparently batman has a bunch of voices in him (not just in his head). I think this sketch, in which our favorite caped crusader tries to find himself (by way of his audible presence) is long over due. Kudos.


Dorkly  – Vision Wants to be in the Avengers Movie (link)

Everything that happens here is my exact feelings on the Avengers movie. I whole heartedly approve.


Atom – Magic Hugs: Two Hits (link)

The boys at Magic Hugs are at it again, and it seems like they too have brought in the magical formula of “if this than what” to find a simple movie premise “two hits, me hitting you and you hitting the floor” and then exploring “but then what else”.

I’ve pretty much grown to love almost anything Magic hugs does, since it seems like they’re 50% of everything features these days. It’s definitely the best thing on that website. And it ends with an especially creepy production loop of two men hugging and blowing a sparkling kiss, which is always nice.


Funny Or Die – The Scent of Snooki (link)

Apparently the boys over at Funny or Die have teamed up with jersey Shore’s duck faced daram queen to hock designer celebrity perfumes. In this vieo we see a very tired old clichéd parody of arts fartsy black and white perfume ad, which is all poetical and makes no sense and also isn’t funny.

However Angela Trimbur is in it, (she’s the other girl that spins off screen without saying a word). Around the 00:52 mark. So it’s worth watching just to get a glimpse of that hottie (who also happens to be funnier than this spoof video).

So that’s what’s funny on the front page of some of the best video sites on the web,  now back to drinking monkleys for me!

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