6 Hilarious Movie Premakes

What if Star Wars, The Dark Knight and Ghostbusters were made 50 years ago?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

One of my favorite versions of the YouTube mashup trailer is the premake. That’s when you use basically prehistoric movie footage to try and recreate the story of a more modern classic. If you sleep through black and white movies, get ready to be jolted awake with excitement, because editors and artists found a way to cobble these together:


Up! (1965)

This premake is so good, I’m now convinced Up was a remake.


Star Wars (1947)

That Skywalker fella sure knows how to light up outerspace! Ka-Wowie!


The Empire Strikes Back (1950)

Don’t spoil the big, 61-year-old twist ending.


Matrix (1922)

Down with the proletariat! This is the only true Matrix Revolution!


Ghost Busters (1954)

Ghosts invading our home! At least they’re not as bad as my mother-in-law.


The Dark Knight (1966)

Will Christian Bale usurp Adam West’s title for "Campiest Batman?"


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