Finally, ‘The Twelve’ Returns in 2012

The 12-issue series that JMS began in 2008 will finally be concluded, and Marvel's trying to get you up to speed for it.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

The Twelve #10

Back in 2008, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Chris Weston began a cool little miniseries called The Twelve, focusing on a group of Marvel's forgotten Golden Age characters who were frozen during World War II and have awakened in the modern day, struggling to adjust.  It was designed as a 12-issue story, but only 8 issues came out before both JMS and Weston were called by Hollywood to do a lot of movie stuff, which means they basically said 'hold on, comics, we needs to get us some phat bank.'  Of course, I'm quite sure neither one of them actually phrased it that way.

Starting in January 2012, however, The Twelve will finally resume, as the creators claim to be finished with the project at long last.  That's when Marvel will bring everybody back up to speed by releasing the first six issues in trade paperback form, and then a "Must-Have" issue collecing issues 7 and 8.  Then, in February, The Twelve #9 will ship, with The Blue Blade on the cover, as will #10 featuring the robot Electro, both covers seen below.  March will see #11 and April will finally see the conclusion with issue #12. 

“It’s taken a long while, but finally, FINALLY, the balance of The Twelve has been completed and we’re ready to ship it all to our long-suffering fans,” said Tom Brevoort, SVP/Executive Editor of Marvel. “We appreciate everybody’s patience, and both hope and expect that the conclusion will live up to the wait. And for folks who missed out the first time, we’re making it easy to get back on board no matter how much or how little of the previous 8 issues you may have already read, though the release of the softcover TPB of the first six issues, and a Marvel Must-Have containing #7 & 8. So you’ve got no excuse not to experience one of the best reviewed, best beloved and long-awaited series Marvel has ever produced as it reaches its ultimate climax.”

For a refresher, The Twelve consists of the Phantom Reporter, Master Mind Excello, The Blue Blade, Dynamic Man, Electro, the Black Widow, Captain Wonder, Fiery Mask, The Laughing Mask, Mister E, Rockman and The Witness.  Take a look at the cover art previews below.


The Twelve #9


The Twelve #10


The Twelve Vol. 1 TPB


The Twelve Must-Have