Sketchfeast: Keanu Reeves!

The man, the myth, the legend

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

Ahh, Keanu Reeves.  Over the years he's blessed us with so many fine fictional works such as the Bill & Ted saga, Hardball, and Babes In Toyland.  His acting has been revered and admired worldwide, and he is well known for his unique style of acting.  I tend to refer to it as "wooden" but who am I to judge?  While surfing YouTube, you can find some pretty funny sketches that enshrine the marvel that is Keanu Reeves.  Here are just a few.

MadTV has always had some great spoofs.  And this guy nails Keanu on the head in this one.  Not literally, but you get it.  It's almost perfect.  His maneurisms are right on point, and reek of 90's surfer, slacker, burnout swagger.  Acting out of the "empty space in our heads" is an art that Keanu has mastered.  Who needs conventional acting when you're in the Matrix anyway?    

Here's a sketch from some college guys who piggy back off of MadTV's idea but also build on it.  Sure the quality isn't as nice, but the material is pretty good.  This guy's Keanu voice does borderline on British cockney once in a while, but that makes it even funnier.  The montage with the inspirational music in the background is a great touch.  The lessons are completely meaningless and I think these guys who wrote the sketch get it.  "It" being, the Keanu-ness.

This is probably the best Keanu Reeves parody EVER!  Ok, I'm going to be biased because this is in fact my sketch that I wrote.  I star as Keanu Reeves, who constantly fails while on sets of numerous films.  What I lack in Keanu's strong jaw look, I more than make up for with his blankness, if I may say so myself.  My friends and I became SAG eligible with this fine piece of work, and I think you guys will enjoy it.  Oh, and don't call that number, you may or may not get a heavy breather on the line.