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We look at the Best of Halloween.

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Halloween may have fallen on a Monday this year but that didn't take away from any of the spooky fun – for the weekends before and after there were slews of great parties with an array of trendy costumes to be seen, not to mention spine-tingling horror flicks playing in theatres across the country – here's a quick round up of the best of the best of Halloween 2011.


Playing dress-up

From superheroes to tech-inspired get-ups, the hottest Halloween costumes this year looked to pop culture for inspiration. Top scores went to those who donned angry birds costumes (that annoyingly addictive game app), Black Swan (either the nice or the evil one), and movie superheroes like Green Lantern as well as Captain America. People also turned to television to find ideas for their Halloween ensembles, like ladies dressing as sexy stewardesses from Pan Am or men transforming into crazy dishevelled dudes like Charlie Sheen. Musicians like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Nicki Minaj (who looks like she's dresses for Halloween every day of the year) topped the list of singer costumes.

And, as always, the dead came back to walk the streets – zombies and vampires in all forms could be found everywhere!


Slashers and screamers

Meanwhile, on the cinema front, audiences were screaming out loud (literally) as they watched this year's top scary movie, "Paranormal Activity 3," which profiles two sisters as they try and make sense of the supernatural events they experienced when they were children. The third instalment of the creepy flick quickly became the biggest horror opening of all time when it opened the weekend of the 21st, raking in almost $54 million, a figure that far surpassed the expectations of its creator. According to The Wrap, "Paranormal Activity 3" was an ultra-low-budget franchise that grossed as much as all other movies in that weekend's top 10 combined, making the movie the biggest October opening ever, beating out "Jackass 3D's" $50.35 million in 2010.


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