Funny Pages – Goodbye Halloween Hello Xmas Weed

Goodbye Halloween, hello Xmas, Weed and Fire oh my!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

We say farewell to videos about ghosts, zombies, vampires and pumpkins and Hello to the impending Xmas onslaught. In the Mix today break up songs, relationships blooming and Pandora’s unboxing!


Dailymotion  – Dicki #4 – "The Boyfriend" (link)

Mary Lynn Rajskub stars as Dicki, a quirky 40-year old who still lives with her parents in this video that is apparently a comedy. Though I can’t say I laughed,though yay Serigo is in it… that’s cool.

I don’t why people think just being quirky and weird automatically makes something funny. It doesn’t. We’re not all Wes Anderson, except maybe Noah Baumbach (though, that’s probably the other way around).


CollegeHumor  – Pandora's Unboxing (link)

Unboxing videos are always popular, though I have no idea why, and equally as popular in viral videos is any possible reference to Greek myths, I should know I have one of the most popular(ly hated) videos featuring me doing a character study of the God of Gods Zeus… (Zeus VS Hades)


This is pretty much the best thing you’re going to see today. It might be a little slow to the start, but I think it’s pretty much a perfect parody.


Atom Films – The Gate Show With Fred Stoller – 103 (link)

In this episode of the Gate show, germ-a-phob and Howie Mandel shows up. Remember when that guy used to put surgical gloves on his head and blow? You know why he had so many of those things laying around!? Germ a phobia!

I’m not sick of Atom’s The Gate show just yet, but I am getting a little bummed that it’s all they’re willing to promote on their site. I know there’s other stuff out there, and hey, maybe if they featured some user content, they’d get more user content… or is that Upload button just for show?


Youtube – ♫ The Break Up Song (w/ Nanakitty) ♫ (link)

RhettandLink team up to dump one of youtube’s most popular redheads Meekakitty, in song! The always amusing duo and joined by a duo of cuties via skype chat and law down some awesome grammaticilizatitional style dump carnage.

and there are fish faces.


Funny Or Die – Harold & Kumar's Yuletide Jamz (link)

Halloween’s corpse isn’t even cold yet, and the first yule tide videos have started pouring in. This Friday the weed smoking minority duo of Harold and Kumar return, so to promote their new movie (which is in 3D for no good reason what so ever), they’ve taken over the home page of funny or die, with ads, site skins and this video.

I like Harold and Kumar, and once again Dougie Howser will be joining the cast, which is always great. But this video, while good (I’m not saying it’s bad), might have actually been better and more effective if they’d actually recorded all of these songs as full length videos. But I could be wrong, maybe they really have them all and they’re going to release them. Though with the movie opening Friday it seems unlikely.

So that’s what’s funny on the front page of some of the best video sites on the web, Halloween is dead, long live Halloween! And bite me Thanksgiving, you’ll never have funny videos… not as long as Christmas and Arbor day are around!

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