I Shoot ‘n Share with 3M’s Shoot ‘n Share

We take a look at 3M's cool little hand held camera slash projector, the Shoot 'n Share.

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Shoot and Share

It’s all about projectors in the world of tech. Trust me; projectors are the wave of the future. If anyone wants to pony up money, I’ll gladly bet them that projectors will become a common feature on cell phones within the next two years; with that, we’ll be able to project our video and photos directly onto a wall; home move style. 

I’m not talking jet-pack wearing, futuristic craziness either. Right now I’m enjoying one of my favorite new tech gadgets: 3M’s Shoot ‘n Share. The device is a nifty little camera/video recorder that, get this, can instantly project your images onto a white wall (sorry orange walls; take a break). Talk about immediate gratification. What digital cameras did for immediately viewing photos, the Shoot 'n Share does for spontaneous home video film festivals. Better yet, Shoot `n Share fits into the palm of your hand and is roughly the size of an overweight iPhone. (Height:
125 mm, Width:
62 mm, Depth:
24 mm.)


Instead of babbling on about the merits of a portable, self-shooting video projector, here’s a little video taste of it in action:


What’s the full skinny on the stats?

Shoot 'n Share can record an HD 720p (1280×720) videos and 5 megapixel still pictures. The 14MB internal memory can store up to 32GB. When it comes to show time, this little puppy can projects up to a 65” image on the wall – at an instantaneous flip of a button. (Obviously, you can also download your footage to your laptop.) 

A dandy little focus well on the side allows you to sharpen your images. The only problem with Shoot n’Share is that you can only project from roughly 2 feet away. Also the zoom lens is a bit clunky; which operates by touching the up-and-down arrows on the face of the device. Also, I wish it had the capacity to hook up to my laptop so I could project PowerPoint slides; but that day will one day come. (Thought RCA cables can hook it to a HDTV.) Still it’s a fun little variation on the point-and-click consumer camera. Ideally it would be great if it worked with some sort of editing software, but you can always download the footage to your computer, do some editing and then put the files back into the Shoot n’ Share so you can share ‘n share.

This is a great gadget to pull out and be the life of the party or to have on hand for sporting events.