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Halloween is over and it’s time to get back to the funny.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

It seems like the theme of the day is ‘Web Series’, a good amount of the webs most notorious video content providers seem to be filling up with video series and web series. So it could be time to demand better 😉 just kidding, let’s move on… to SwedenLand!


Dailymotion  – Easy To Assemble #3.6: "48 Hours of Daylight" (link)

Episode 6 of Easy to Assemble brings us Corey Feldman and Ahmed Best as Swedens soon to be biggest Buddy Cop movie duo!

On paper this is possibly the best thing I’ve ever heard, but the dry humor of this piece (and series) just always seems to fall flat. Kind of like that new show Grimm, sounds like a great idea, but eh… not the best thing ever.


Break  – Yana Novak Demonstrates Lip Pump (link)

Thank god, somebody has finally created a device to market to gullible women who want to make the duckface!

My favorite part is at the end, where she’s clearly already addicted to this device, having used it for the third time… The vacuum has create some suction based bruising on her face and she’s all “now you just cover this up with make up, and luscious kissing lips”

You could just slap yourself in the face and get the same results for free!


Atom Films – Racism? (link)

Ah racism, the comedy go to preset number 6. In this version of “worst racist ever” Jay Larson finds himself the oblivious  recipient of some backlash for his duplicitous actions!

Maybe not a guy buster, but it is short and sweet, like .. oh wait, never mind the stereotype is that Asian chicks are bossy.  So my bad. I apologize for my inability to make a clever racism based wrap up.


CollegeHumor – Jake and Amir: Are We Okay? (link)

CH’s office odd couple have a heart to heart moment about inter office “relationship”.

I’m starting to warm up to this series of videos, and by the end I think they really turned around something that was almost completely bland.


Funny Or Die – Billy On The Street (link)

In a series I call “most annoying man ever, accosts people for interviews on the streets of New York, and miraculously doesn’t get shot in the face” Billy Eichner walks down the NY streets to ask people obnoxious questions an puts them online. And for some reason funny or die features it, for lack of anything better.

Somewhere around 2 minutes it atually becomes a game show, but with the world’s worst game show host. So, enjoy this… or possibly crystal meth. They’re equally good.


That’s what’s new on the web and featured today. Got a suggestion on a website I don’t hit? Leave a facebook comment below and I’ll check it out, and you could get yourself a clever quip/shout out in the future! The Future Conan? Yes.