November Comedy Guide

November may not be the funniest month of the year. But it’s gotta be in the top ten. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Welcome to November, the first of two months of non-stop consumerism we call the “holiday” season. Before you spend all your meager remaining monies on gifts and “egged noggs” we’ve got a list of some ways to bring the gift of laughter to your broke ass. We got tours! We got comedy albums! We got live comedy specials! We also have a great pumpkin pie recipe, but that’s a whole other article. Hold onto your turkeys (read as: “balls”) because it’s the November Comedy Laugh-down 2011.



T.J. Miller: “No Real Reason” – November 12th

Comedy Central brings us the first full ONE HOUR comedy special, and it’s a doozy. We’ve profiled T.J. Miller more than once here on Why? Because he’s amazing! His unique stream of consciousness comedy style and his amazing command of the audience’s emotions is a joy to watch. We’ve already seen this special and we HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who isn’t dead inside. Hell, watch it if you are dead inside, maybe it will bring you back to life.

Keep it turned to for a full review of the special, as well as an interview with the man himself, the indescribable T.J. Miller.

Donald Glover: “Weirdo” – November 20th

Donald Glover who was listed in our 2011 Actors to Watch list, is also a comedian to watch during this or any month. The Community star and member of Derrick Comedy (my favorite American sketch troupe) is doing his second special, and this time it’s a full hour. We’ve already seen this special too, and it also gets a big thumbs up from and kittens everywhere. I had the chance to see some of this comedy as it was developed on stages around Los Angeles and I am so glad Comedy Central has brought a few of these jokes to the masses. Tune in or be sad forever. Troy and Abed in the morning! (unrelated).

Keep your eyes glued to for a full review of this special. Our “Actors to Watch” 2012 edition will be on the TV Channel in December. Glover is a favorite to make the list for a second year.


Mo Mandel’s “The M Word”  – November 8th

Masterclass comedian Mo Mandel has been blowing up stages (and television sets) for years. This year he was dealt a low blow when his series “Free Agents” got the axe. Well he’s back people, and with an album to prove it. Mandel already has a comedy central special under his belt (you know they stream those things on Netflix right?) and has appeared in a few dozen (number the result of a guess) episodes of Chelsey Lately. Be all modern and buy a digital copy of this album… then throw out those old 8-tracks you big dinosaur. will have a FULL review of this album. We also have a FULL dance card, but thanks for asking cutie pie.

Beards of Comedy “Cardio Mix”  – November 22nd

You may remember the twisted comedy landscape in the early 2000’s that led to about a million “Blanks of Comedy” style tours. Well that time is gone, and only the strongest of the strong survived. One of the best is the Beards of Comedy, a foursome of comedians who split their time between making people laugh, and bringing the beard back into fashion in a BIG way. Not since ZZ Top has men with beards been this good at ANYTHING. The lineup is thus: Andy Sandford, Joe Zimmerman, TJ Young and Dave Stone. These guys are the real deal, with a seemingly endless trail of sold-out shows behind them. This is their sophomore album and they show no signs of stopping. So get in while the getting is good.

We here at will bring you a full review of the album. We’ll also interview as many of the beards as we can get to sit in one room, and dedicate a special episode of “World’s Funniest Threesomeer Foursome!” to the team.

Gabriel Iglesias presents: STAND-UP REVOLUTION – November 15th

One of my favorite older Comedy Central shows was Premium Blend. It had just the right mix of great hosts, great house bands, and amazing stand-up. Well if Premium Blend has a successor it’s got to be Stand-Up Revolution. Hell they even share the amazing house band Ozomatli! If you haven’t checked out the series yet, you’re in luck, it’s all coming out on DVD on November 15th. So grab a seat and watch whenever you have time to stick the DVD in your DVD hole. Host Gabriel “Fluffy Guy” Iglesias will make you happy you did, as will the cavalcade of great comics that grace his stage.

We’ll be sitting down to interview Gabriel about his show, the DVD, and where to get good ribs in a city near you. Plus we’ll break down the DVD set comic by comic and tell you who to forward too. All here on



(Sorry, movie section)

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas – NOVEMBER 4th

Even I was surprised I loved “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”.  I really did adore that movie. Since I loved that movie so much I’m looking forward to seeing this 3rd installment of the series (even though I didn’t much care for the sequel). Something tells me this may be as good as the original. Is it because both the leads have become famous on their own now and rumor has it the movie is riddled with references to their other work? (SULU!) Maybe. Is it because the movie promises more Neil Patrick Harris than ever before? Of course. Is it because Christmas movies tend to suck and this one clearly will at least avoid that sappy “for the kids” crap… uh huh. All in all I’ve already bought my ticket. So should you. Wanna go see it together? will no doubt review this on our movie channel (if it hasn’t already) but we’ll be doing a nice profile on the comedy of Neil Patrick Harris for you to faun over. Maybe we’ll even get an interview… fingers crossed. Hey speaking of NPH…


(Sorry, TV Section)

How I Met Your Mother – continuing Mondays on CBS throughout November

One of the few comedies that continue to amaze me with the amount of belly laughs it generates is back and going strong. The shows seventh season is of course already a hot bed of questions answered, new questions asked, and answers to questions nobody asked. Bro Code… it’s in effect! Also it features Neil Patrick Harris, and seriously if that guy wants one of my kidneys he can have one. What a genius! Do yourself a favor and watch some HIMYM.

Reviews and commentary on this show may be found on’s amazing television channel. We’ll also be covering it on the Idiot Box Podcast a.s.a.p. Plus again, I’m spending all of November trying to get Neil Patrick Harris to do an interview. A man has to have dreams.



Doug Stanhope – All over November

Stanhope who is often featured here at Crave is back on the road for a bunch of US tour dates many of which are here in the chilly month of November. I’ve seen Doug live more than once and I always go back when I can. He delivers the most consistently funny yet constantly changing live show I have ever seen, and I highly recommend you check it out if it comes near you.

WARNING (seriously listen): Doug Stanhope has some of the most devoted and rabid fans in the business. If he is coming to your town please get your tickets NOW. He’s even getting more famous with constant rumbles in the twitter-sphere that he might be the best comedian alive today. They’re right. He is.

Here are the November dates of note:



The Daily Show 

Lastly let me recommend that you tune into what is rapidly becoming the funniest thing on television, the Internet, or any other media: Politics. From the purposely funny bits on the Daily Show to the accidentally funny bits (like Cain Campaign ads) American politics has become quite entertaining and November is a good month to sit back and take it in. I suggest you start your morning with a nice brisk look through the newspaper followed by The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and then a good long stare off into the distance and think about the good old days when I couldn’t have possibly put POLITICS on a list of comedy; and had it been a darkly serious comment on our societies crumbling infrastructure. will bring you as much political coverage as we deem funny enough to outweigh the tragedy that it is funny in the first place. Plus come election season we’ll take special note of all the parodies that flood the Internet. Wow… that’s a lot of parodies.

See you next month!