Free Gears 3 DLC This Thanksgiving

Turkey and free Gears of War 3 content? Yes, please.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Did you think we were done talking about Gears of War 3 today? Think again! After this morning’s disappointing news about the first DLC pack being delayed (which has since been fixed and released), Epic has returned to announce that they’ll be giving away free DLC on Thanksgiving.

That’s right, get fat off juicy, tender meat while blowing holes through Locusts with your free downloadable content. That sounds like an amazing holiday to us.

This free map pack, called the “Versus Booster Map Pack,” will include three of the five multiplayer levels found into today’s “Horde Command Pack” — Azura, Blood Drive, and Rustlung. In addition, two more maps will be included (Bullet Marsh and Clocktower) to bring the grand total up to five maps in the Versus Booster DLC.

Epic, you had us at free. And while some who already bought the Horde Command Pack or Season Pass might be perturbed that the content that just spent money on will be offered up for free a few weeks down the line, at least take comfort in the fact that now your cheapskate friends will be able to play in multiplayer sessions with you because they have the majority of the expansion maps. There’s nothing more frustrating than when your buddies refuse to buy expansions, basically rendering a lot of the servers you attempt to join together unavailable because of compatibility issues. Damn stingy jerks…