Steven Gerrard in England Trouble

The English National team just can't seem to catch a break.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Steven Gerrard is the latest player to cause concern for Fabio Capello’s national squad, as yet another injury could see him miss England’s upcoming friendlies against Spain and Sweden.

The Liverpool midfielder has been left out of the England squad recently due to his recovery from a groin injury, but it was revealed today that he is now dealing with an ankle infection, the severity of which will be fully determined tomorrow.

The captain has faced a troublesome year of injuries, with him missing out on Saturday’s victory against West Bromwich Albion due to his ankle problem. After already being absent for six-months due to his ankle injury it is unquestionable that the skipper is eager to return to the pitch, but this latest injury could see him resting for another month.

Speaking of his poor physical condition this year, Gerrard said: "There were times when I was as low as I have ever been.

"I think it's only natural that you have doubts and different things do cross your mind from time to time."

When asked whether or not the 31-year-old would be healthy for England’s friendlies next month, Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish responded that he “didn’t know”.

"It's nothing to do with any injuries before, it's an infection. I suppose it's like having an abscess on your mouth”, said the Merseyside manager.

Gerrard’s potential absence is the latest blow to the nation squad, which has also recently seen Rooney punished with a three-match ban in Euro 2012 and Ashley Young struck down with an injury. The infection might also rule out Gerrard from other key Premier League games, including fixtures against Manchester City and Chelsea.