Trick or Treat: The NFL Season So Far

Taking a look at some of the action (or lack of) this year has given us.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Halloween is upon us and let's face it, there have been some scary NFL performances this season. In a league that thrives on parity, there have been a noticeable increase in the teams that are flat out bad this year but as the Rams can attest to after upsetting the Saints this weekend for their first W, any week can bring a surprise.

To celebrate this scariest of holidays, and the sport we love the most, lets look at three teams that tricked us and three that have been a treat so far. And remember kids, always say thank you, look both ways before crossing a street and never TP the house that gives out good candy.



*The Kansas City Chiefs tricked us into thinking they were a horrible team by starting the season 0-3 and losing by a combined 109-27. Then they rattled off three straight wins, the most recent against the surging Oakland Raiders in a must win divisional game to come within a game of the division leading San Diego Chargers. Now, having lost one already to them, the Chiefs are in must win mode when the two teams face this Monday bight.

*The Cincinnati Bengals, thought to be the bottom dwellers of the AFC North this season thanks to an offseason that saw them force their starting, Pro Bowl, QB into retirement and trade their most seasoned wideout, have shot out of the gate to a 5-2 record and a shot at the division crown. Behind a rookie QB and a Rookie wideout, the Bengals have tricked the NFL into underestimating them and they are thriving on the underdog status.

*The San Francisco 49ers had us thinking that the NFC West was up for grabs and may be the worst division in the NFL. While the last part may be true, as the other three teams are pretty bad, that can't be said for the 49ers who are sitting at 6-1 and looking to make some noise down the stretch. With a new coach, a new attitude and the revitalization of some old talent, San Fran is poised to make the playoffs pretty easily.



*The Pittsburgh Steelers, after an up and down first four games this season, has finally managed to start looking again like the team that won the AFC last season. With an offense that is as pass efficient as any in the league and a defense that, admittedly, may have lost half a step but is still better than 90% of the NFL, the Steelers are right in the thick of things and currently sit atop the AFC once more.

*The Green Bay Packers are who we thought they were, and that's the defending SuperBowl Champions. Sitting at 7-0 to start this season, the Pack are looking so good that people are starting to whisper the word dynasty and thinking maybe, just maybe, they can run the table and remain undefeated. It may be a little early for that but watching Aaron Rodgers work so far this season has been more than a treat.

*The Buffalo Bills currently sit atop the AFC East, ahead of the New England Patriots. That's right, the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have shockingly efficient on both sides of the ball and are winning the games they should be winning. Winning is contagious, especially for a team as young as the Bills, so if they can keep up this pace, you won't want to be the team that plays them come playoff time.