SUPERNATURAL 7.06 ‘Slash Fiction’

The Leviathans impersonate Sam and Dean on a murder spree, setting off a nationwide manhunt for the Winchester brothers.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "Slash Fiction"

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Director: John Showalter

Previously on "Supernatural":

Weeks ago, Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) killed a kitsune named Amy (Jewel Staite), who happened to be a friend of his brother, Sam (Jared Padalecki). However, the guilt over what he had done began eating away at Dean, as he turned to alcohol to fill the void inside him and he nearly lost his life to the Egyptian God Osiris. Meanwhile, the Leviathans began tracking the Winchester brothers through their credit cards and known alias, with a Leviathan named Chet (Sean Owen Roberts) quickly closing in on them.

During a case in Prosperity, Indiana, Dean and Sam inadvertently stepped into a war between two witches, Don Stark (James Marsters) and his wife, Maggie (Charisma Carpenter). When the brothers couldn't match the witches in terms of power, they acted as impromptu marriage counselors and helped the Starks reconcile. In gratitude, Don made sure that Maggie didn't curse them and he even immobilized Chet with a spell. But Don also warned the Winchesters that his spell was only temporary and that Chet would recover in a few days if they didn't get rid of him first.


Sam and Dean tentatively walk into a bank and then pull out their guns as they prepare to rob it. Making sure that the surveillance cameras can clearly see them, "the Winchesters" slaughter everyone in the bank. Meanwhile, the real Sam and Dean are with their mentor, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) as they experiment with different ways to kill Chet, who is chained up in the basement. Chet scoffs at their efforts and mockingly tells them to turn on the news, where they learn that they are now wanted fugitives. Chet also relates that their identities have been compromised, prompting Bobby to send the Winchesters to a friend of his for new aliases.

FBI special agents Valente (Morgan David Jones) and Morris (Shaun Smyth) arrive at the bank and then quickly depart after learning that Sam and Dean have been seen 1,000 miles away. The Winchesters arrive at the secluded home of Frank Deveraux (Kevin R. McNally) who grudgingly gives them new identities in exchange for $5,000. He also advises them to stash their beloved Impala. Back at the cabin, Bobby tries cutting off Chet's head, but he is dismayed when it reattaches itself to his body when he steps out of the room. In their new car, Dean freaks Sam out by mouthing the words to an REO Speedwagon song. Sam also comes to realize that the impostor Winchester brothers are hitting towns that line up with Sam and Dean's first cases together seven years ago.

At the cabin, Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) arrives with beer, feeling grateful to Bobby for saving her life back at the hospital overrun by Leviathans. She offers to cook for him and she doesn't even flinch when Bobby hints that he has a body in the basement. At Dean's favorite burger joint in St. Louis, the Leviathan Winchester brothers mockingly discuss the personality ticks of Sam and Dean before going on another murderous rampage, "Pulp Fiction" style. When Morris and Valente arrive at the scene hours later, they see a video in which the fake Winchesters said that they were heading to Iowa next.

Back at the cabin, Bobby learns that the Leviathans can mimic forms after Chet transforms into a duplicate of Bobby, complete with all of his knowledge from just a small moment of skin contact. Bobby becomes frustrated with his task until Chet screams in agony due to a liquid seeping through the floor. Bobby races upstairs and discovers that the liquid is a cleaning solution and he passionately kisses Mills before asking her exactly what was in the liquid. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean arrive in Iowa and spot their Leviathan doubles driving a duplicate Impala. Unfortunately, the local cops quickly surround the Winchesters and arrest them as the duplicates get away. 

At the station, Dean manages to convince the Sheriff (Michael Hogan) to give him a phone call and the older man listens in horror as Bobby describes how to burn the Leviathans with sodium borate and then decapitate them. The Sheriff abruptly ends the call, but he is soon stunned to see the Leviathan Winchesters slaughtering his men and changing shapes. The Sheriff rushes back to free Dean, who tells him to get anything with sodium borate in it. Dean then takes on the duplicate Sam and dispatches it with the help of the Sheriff. At the same time, Sam is locked in the interrogation room when the duplicate Dean walks in. 

Leviathan Dean mocks Sam and he even reveals that the real Dean killed Amy; which leaves Sam stunned. Dean and the Sheriff then run in and kill the Leviathan, ending the threat. Rather than repeat anything he just saw, the Sheriff is all too happy to help fake the Winchesters' deaths when Valente and Morris arrive. The FBI agents berate the Sheriff for destroying the bodies, but they declare the Winchester case closed. Back at the cabin, Bobby thanks Mills for her help and he gives her Chet's head to dump along with a kiss on the cheek. She also seems a little disappointed that Bobby isn't more romantically inclined towards her.

As the Sheriff and his daughter wonder what to do with the Leviathan bodies, Valente returns and reveals that he's a Leviathan too before he eats them. Finally, we meet Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart), the leader of the Leviathans. The demon Crowley (Mark Sheppard) appears in his limo and suggests an alliance, but Roman scoffs at him and Crowley quickly leaves. Later, Dean is almost happy as they prepare to get rid of their duplicates' heads. But Sam confronts him about what happened to Amy and he tells Dean that he can't be around him right now. Dean says that he's sorry and then drives away alone.


It has to be said that the Leviathans are quickly proving to be very disappointing as the series' new adversaries. When household cleaners can kill you, you have to turn in your villain card. I'm also not impressed by the Leviathan boss, Dick Roman. The ending of the episode kind of jobbed Crowley out to make him look weak in comparison to Roman; which is the cheapest way to build up a new villain. And not at all convincing either.

I did love the idea of sending out duplicates of Sam and Dean to make life difficult for the Winchesters and the nationwide manhunt is a good angle for the show to take. The problem is that not even the main characters take it seriously. Sam and Dean make no effort to disguise themselves and the Sheriff's cover story was flimsy at best without any bodies to produce. The episode acts like this media exposure is just going to blow over, but Sam and Dean still have the faces of widely known spree killers! Are we to accept that this will never come up again?

The romantic angle between Mills and Bobby has some promise and I'd like to see that explored. But it also means that Mills will most likely die in the future. What, you haven't noticed that romantic interests are almost always killed off in "Supernatural"? At this rate, the best Mills can hope for is that someone wipes her memory and sends her away.

This episode did have some really amusing comedy bits, like Dean's inexplicable urge to sing along to REO Speedwagon and the Sheriff's reaction to the phone call between Bobby and Dean. The Leviathan Sam and Dean were a lot of fun as well when they deconstructed the brothers' mental state and quirky behavior. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki almost always seem to enjoy playing their respective characters differently. And as evil versions of the Winchesters, they got the chance to demonstrate once again that they can do more than just playing the heroes.

I didn't expect the secret of Amy's murder to come out this quickly, but Padalecki's reaction to that was a nice emotional gut punch. The ending suggests that the Winchesters are splitting up over this (at least temporarily), but the promos for next week's episode imply that they're back together again. If so, that seems a bit rushed. Both of the Winchesters are strong characters and it would be cool to see them have separate adventures for a while.

Crave Online Rating: 8 out of 10.