Historectomy Episode 9 The Amityville Horror House

The Amityville Horror House, only on the market for 13 months! Featuring demon pigs, blood red rooms, and fly infestations in December, make sure to book your house tour today!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

This episode NSFW for sexual references, profanity, and intolerance towards children with weight issues


Despicable murder in Amityville leads to horrific nightmares and hauntings for the Lutz family and one house in particular…Behold, the Amityville Horror! Listen for all the terrifying details, and reel in amazement at our growing cynicism of the Lutz family and their tale! Real or not? You decide… (cause we're really, really lazy)



Soundtrack provided by the dope beats of Team Teamwork.



Also in this episode: Shotgun ammo collisions kill people, murdering people in a house makes for a quick sale, we continue to shill to Hollywood actresses for dates, what to do if your priest walks out on you, how Midwest are you, drinking milk before bed guarantees nightmares, "coincidences" equal "terror", sexual politics in "night humping", Christian and Sam do their best radio play auditions, have your dog spade, neutered, and checked for evil, the Ghost Hunters' lame excuses to bone one another, things scarier than illiteracy, The Haunted German Marching Band, poor sweet Missie Lutz and our seemingly unending hatred for fat children in this episode (we apologize), and THE HAUNTED MAC BOOK!!! BOOOOOO!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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