Found! Justin Bieber’s Concert Contract Rider!

You know those outrageous demands stars have hidden in their contracts? We just found The Bieber's. 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Once again, we here at CraveOnline have done some fine investigative journalism and have gotten to the bottom of one of pop music's newest and most famous artists. Justin "don't call me a panzy" Bieber. 

In addition to the millions singers and performers get paid to come to your crappy city and sing a couple of songs, they also get to dictate their "Rider." What is a Rider? It is an additional document that is attached to a contract that demands addition add-ons. 

Most musical performers are well documents nut-jobs, and their leaked contract riders do little to tarnish that image. For instance, Madonna requires her own Yoga studio. Katy Perry can't be looked at in the eye. And Mariah Carey requires a cake to eat by herself in the dark. 

Well, we found Bieber's. Take a look:


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