7 Accidentally Scary Clowns

Check out this unintentionally insane posse of clowns.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Clowns are scary, but some scary clowns try way too hard. Razor sharp teeth? Purposely smeared make-up? Flowers that shoot acid? Sure, all those elements are badass, but all a regular clown needs to become frightening is bad lighting and a resentful scowl. Here are some clowns I assume were not going for the “nightmare-inducing” look, but achieved it regardless:


“Hello,” Said The Clown

“Goodbye,” said the blogger. [via]


Clown Makes A Child Cry

Yeah, I’m gonna side with the kid on this one. [via]


Someone’s Here To See You…

Do. Not. Open. That. Door. [via]


That Clown’s A Wily Devil

Those are the eyebrows from my nightmares. [via]


Watch Out For Burger Clown

He’ll turn you into nuggets and dip you in a barbeque-like substance. [via]


Fat ‘n’ Scary

More of a depressing scary, but still scary nonetheless. [via]


This Clown Is Dead Inside

Please stop looking at me, clown. [via]


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