Top Canadian Babes

The ladies that are heating up the cool climate.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

All that cold and snow must do some good because a number of Hollywood's sexiest starlets were born in the Great White North. From vampires to superhero girlfriends and everything in-between, here are the top 10 Canadian babes we proudly hail as our fellow countrywomen.


Evangeline Lilly

A regular on the popular primetime drama "Lost," Evangeline Lilly from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta was "discovered" in BC and is slated to appear in a number of big-screen flicks in the coming months including the recently released "Real Steel" as well as two movies from the upcoming "The Hobbit" series.


Rachel McAdams

From playing the sassy sweetheart in "The Notebook" to Irene Adler in "Sherlock Holmes," St. Thomas, Ontario native Rachel McAdams is one of the most in-demand actresses in Tinseltown (not to mention one of the hottest).


Elisha Cuthbert

Currently appearing as Alex Moore in the TV series "Happy Endings," Calgary's own Elisha Cuthbert also had a long-standing role on "24" and then appeared in six episodes of "The Forgotten." She is rumoured to be starring in an upcoming flick called "Dark Star Hollow," tentatively scheduled for release next year.


Anna Paquin

A very serious and yet spunky lead on "True Blood," vampire-babe Anna Paquin hails from Winnipeg and, in addition to her popular work on the HBO series, she'll be taking things to the big screen with two '12 films: "Free Ride" and "Straight A's."


Kristin Kreuk

Born in Vancouver and nominated for more than 13 awards (and strikingly beautiful), Kristin Kreuk is best known for her part on "Smallville," which she followed up with a number of episodes of "Chuck." Look for her in theatres as she appears in the sci-fi project "Space Milkshake."


Emmanuelle Chriqui

We all loathed Eric on "Entourage" every time he broke things off with his on-screen girlfriend Sloan, played by the gorgeous Chriqui, who starred on the show for six years. She has a number of other things in the pipeline including voice work for a 2012 TV series called "TRON: Uprising."


Laura Vandervoort

A Toronto actress and a stunning Canadian babe, Vandervoort became a household name after working on shows like "Smallville" and "Instant Star," but she also flexed her comedy muscle after doing voice work on a number of "Family Guy" episodes.


Emily Van Camp

The "Everwood" actress who calls Port Perry, Ontario home was also a regular on the now-defunct Sunday night series "Brothers and Sisters" and is currently starring in the new hit show "Revenge," working alongside Madeleine Stowe.


Rachel Blanchard

You'd have to be "Clueless" not to know who Rachel Blanchard is, and once you remember her bright beautiful eyes and contagious smile, you'll be in "7th Heaven." A big-city gal from Toronto, she made a recent appearance on the home-grown show "Flashpoint."


Emmanuelle Vaugier

A Vancouverite with French roots, Emmanuelle Vaugier has dabbled in horror flicks with several "Saw" projects on her resume as well as TV sitcoms such as "Two and a Half Men" – it's nice to know Charlie had a thing for Canadian babes too.