The NCAA Needs A Commissioner!

College football is a simmering cesspool of corruption that needs to be cleaned up.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

What the hell is up with college football? It's not bad enough that every two months news is breaking about violations that major schools are either turning a blind eye to or are helping with but now we have teams jumping conferences in a way that is reminiscent of a prostitute looking for her next John. The sport is a madhouse at the moment and it really appears like there is nobody with any real authority willing to step up and do anything.

I think it's time college football gets a Commissioner.

That's right, collegiate football needs a governing power that is one voice and not a group of people who is out for only their own best interests. The current NCAA is foundering in ineptitude with no real  authority. They are doing nothing but handing out wrist-slaps to teams while others are blatantly ignoring their rules for their own personal game.

That could all change if the organization would nut up and appoint one man as god of college football. Hand the reigns over to a single voice to guide the sport into the future and smack down universities if need be. With a single person, uncorrupted by outside influence, running the show and actually enforcing the rules, maybe the news throughout the regular season would be about the games themselves instead of which team is jumping to which conference next.

College football is a cash cow and it's popularity is right up there with the NFL's as far as brand goes. But all this moving and blatant violations are seriously hampering the growth of the sport. Are you going to tell me that the brand is better with Miami, USC, and Ohio State neutered because of punishments?

No, it isn't, and maybe if the sport had a Commissioner, then those players, those universities, wouldn't have committed the violations that got them punished in the first place.

You can't let the inmates run the asylum and that's what is happening now in college football. The sport needs a warden and it needs it now, before it shoots itself in the foot and loses the change to run into the future.