Funny Pages – Fire, Flower, X-Factor!

A modern day Odd Couple, a man goes up in flames and Matthew Morrison gets AntiGlee’d

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s front pages take us all over the map, with a modern day version of TV’s The Odd Couple, an instructional lesson on fire safety, behind the casting of the Reality competition show X-Factor and on to a tour bus with Glee master Matthew Morrison.


Dailymotion  – Ben and Burman (link)

Hollywood’s rehashing old shows and movies forever, so now it’s only justified that the internet follow suit. In this rehashing of the Odd Couple, two very different people live together and suffer through each other’s quirks. Also they’re really, really short. Oh and that kid from Jurassic park is in it.


Break  – Stop Drop And Roll Fail (link)

Ok folks, lets take a second to learn some important  life lessons. Say you’re messing around with a fireplace lighter and you light you cotton T-shirt on fire like some kind of no brained, dummy head. What’cha gonna do. Three words, stop, drop and roll. You may think you know how this all works. But let’s get a close look at exactly how this works from our in house expert at


Atom Films – Hollywood Meetings: The X-Factor (link)

The Magic Hugs team returns with ‘worlds must annoying audtion for the worlds worst reality TV talent show… X Factor.’ Match made in heaven? Or funny cause it’s true. Either way, you’re sure to get a laugh from the obnoxious humor of  Scott Blair, and then his epic cat face make up.


Youtube – Flour Power (link)

It’s a 17 minute day in the life of Shay Carl that tops the comedy chart of youtube today, plus you can win his shirt. Shay Carl had made a big success of being the bearedest dad on the youtubes. At 17 and a half minutes, it’s beyond unwatchable chaos, but if you’re wondering what life as a dad is like, this hand held vlog epic will give a glimpse into one days worth of the franticness…. And then there’s a baby photoshoot.



Comics Time! Sit back and relax to the greatest use of the internet ever. Single panel comics!


Today on xkcd : 1 to 10

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: citizenship test

Today on Married To The Sea: weird question houston

Funny Or Die – Touring with Matthew Morrison (link)

On a bus ride in the middle of nowhere the gleeful Matthew Morrison joins up with a new group of teenage roustabouts formed of all the teen celebs you can’t identify; Dustin Lance Black (Milk, J. Edgar), Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf) & Janina Gavankar (True Blood). Morrison tries to bring them together in a planned emotional bonding over song.

It does not go well for our spiky haired protagonist. But then it ends and we can go about our days.


I hope you’ve learned a little, laughed a little and have nobody break out in to song in your immediate vicinity today!

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