Historectomy Episode 4 “Davy Crockett”

Why didn't YOU kill a bear when you were only three? Davy Crockett did. And we talk about him. Not you.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

The King of Kings of The Wild Frontier Returns! To Your Ears!


Christian and I take a break from discussing vaguely European subject matter to cover our first piece of American lore in Davy Crockett! We cover his backwoodsin lifestyle from growing up in the woods and running away from school to runnin for politics and giving the big middle finger to the whole endeavor to go to Texas. We also cover the battle of The Alamo and how Walt Disney might, or might not, have lied to a generation of kids to sell over 2 BILLION dollars in merchandise.



Also in this episode: Discussion of whether "Margret" or "Polly" is a sexier name, why the Anti-Jacksonians were the "F*** you" party, how to speak to the spirit of the forest, six year olds shooting rifles if you promise "to make every shot count", why Davy Crockett was the head of the NWO Wolfpac, David Bowie was there singing at The Alamo, and General Santa Ana's Triple Suplex…all this and more in twenty eight minutes!



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