Flashpoint Mystery Woman Sightings

Look at your New 52 books closely, and you'll see this mystery woman from Flashpoint #5 in the background.  What does this mean?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Flashpoint #5

Speculation has been rampant since Flashpoint #5 about who this mystery woman shown above really is, and why she mentioned three different timelines.  Is that an out for DC if the reboot doesn't work, or is there a third timeline beyond the old DCU and the Wildstorm universe that will be folded into the DCnU?

Whatever it is, it's certainly going to matter, because this mystery woman has been peppered into the background of the New 52 rather slyly.  Check out these examples below, and see if you can find her in all of your New 52 titles.  Thanks to astute Crave Online reader Paddy Mak for catching this!


Justice League #1



Legion Lost #1



Batman and Robin #1



Batwoman #1



Resurrection Man #1



Hell, she's even in the foreground in Resurrection Man #1 (if that's a 'she.'  It's drawn a bit like a 'he,' but is that intentional or an artistic miscommunication?).  Is this just an elaborate game of Where's Waldo?  Or is this going to really shake things up even more?

Let the speculation commence!