Nope! It’s Chuck Testa Time!

If you think an animal or loved one is still alive, we know a taxidermist says otherwise!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

I hate to burst your bubble, but those animals you’ve seen driving cars and sleeping in your bed… they are not alive. Crazy, right? They’re all dead! Welcome to the magical world of Chuck Testa, the California taxidermist whose commercial has become an instant meme. For the uninitiated:

Naturally, this being the internet and all, the Photoshops have been flooding the tubes. Here are 6 examples of the Chuck Testa meme in “action” (I used quotes cause, you know, the animals are actually dead)…



He should do this in Amity – they’ll love it. [via]


Aslan the Lion

“Sorry to get your hopes up, kids.”



She’s in a better place now. Her stuffed body is in Chuck Testa’s workshop.



There’s only one winner in the East Coast / West Coast battle: Chuck Muthaf***in' Testa.



“Sorry to get your hopes up, kids. Wow, kids are the easiest to fool.”



Do unto others, meaning that when Chuck Testa goes, somebody’s gotta stuff him. [via]


If you make your own Chuck Testa Photoshop, send it to for a chance to win Chuck’s official contest. Good luck, Testa-cles!


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