NFL Power Ten: Week 1

Ranking the top ten teams coming out of Week 1.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Being a top team in the NFL comes with the tag 'subject to change' because with today's parity driven league, it usually changes on a week to week basis. Expect that change to be reflected here in our rankings as we take a look at each team on a weekly basis and throw the top ten out for all to see. This isn't based on potential or how your team SHOULD be playing but on what you bring to the field each week so if your team lays an egg (yep, that's you Pittsburgh Steelers), don't expect to make this list till you've shown some major changes.

And yes, all these teams are 1-0


1. New England Patriots

The Patriots put on a passing clinic that was so epic that even their newest acquisition, Chad OchoCinco, had to tweet about it. Brady continues to show why he is the NFL's number 1 QB of possibly all time.


2. Chicago Bears

The Bears curb stomped the Atlanta Falcons, plain and simple. They beat them up, stole their lunch money, then banged their girlfriends for good measure. They might have even drove to their mothers house and gave her a little slap just for good measure.


3. Baltimore Ravens

Not in our house. That was the message sent to the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday and it was delivered over and over again, to the tune of 7 turnovers.


4. San Diego Chargers

The trendy pick to rep the AFC in the next SuperBowl, they didn't look the greatest but they did drive the ball at will and hold D. McNabb to 39 passing yards. And, of course, they won.


5. Philadelphia Eagles

Every potential champion has to have a good measure of luck to go with their skill and the Eagles was showing that after the Rams lost their starting running back and QB to injury.


6. Houston Texans

Anyone else get the impression that the Texans this Sunday were like that kid who is being constantly harassed by the school bully only to come across him tied up and helpless, allowing the kid to enact his revenge in a brutal fashion? Ouch.


7. Detroit Lions

The Lions are for real, folks. Tampa Bay was a 10 win team a year ago and the Lions took care of business.


8. Buffalo Bills

Speaking of teams that crushed the opening day hopes of a playoff team of a year ago. That's right, Buffalo, I'm talking to you. The Name is FITZPATRICK, remember it.


9. Oakland Raiders

Wow, I really think that Tim Tebow would have won that game for Denver, I really do. I'm not just trying to add to the firestorm slowly brewing in Denver, honest (hehe).


10. Washington Redskins

The Skins took care of business against a solid New York Giants team. Hard to tell what the rest of the season will bring but for now they are 1-0.