Chelsea Are Victorious As Torres Interview Controversy Is Solved

Have the rumblings of unrest at Chelsea finally been squelched?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

As Andre Villas-Boas comments earlier this week seemed to hint towards Torres’ position in the starting line-up being re-evaluated, the 27-year-old striker found himself embroiled in further controversy as a recent interview allegedly showed the Spaniard undermining his Chelsea teammates, branding them “very old and very slow” when compared to the Spanish league.

Intriguingly the actual footage shows Torres saying absolutely nothing of the sort, suggesting that the allegations stem yet again from a British media looking to swiftly jump on the bandwagon in vilifying this player, with his terrible record in front of goal consistently angering supporters of the Blues.

Club manager Andre Villas-Boas spoke about the “offending footage” of Torres’ “rant”, saying: "The investigation is over, the problem has been solved.

"We had a chat and you all saw how the player reacted with a good collective performance. Hopefully these things won't arise again. If they do, it will be the manager who has to resolve it."

If you happen to come across an article with the headline “Andre Villas-Boas Says He Forgives Fernando Torres”, don’t worry: it’s just the British media lying again.

Fortunately Torres played his best game of football in recent memory, propelling his team to a 2-0 victory against Bayer Leverkusen in Chelsea’s Group E opener. Although the striker has yet to score since his goal against West Ham in April, he did set up goals for both Juan Mata and David Luiz, and although he has still yet to put in a performance worthy of a fraction of his transfer fee, any semblance of a return to form should at this point be valued.

Villas-Boas refused to confirm whether or not Torres would take his place in the starting line-up against Premier League leaders Manchester United, saying: "We have another couple of days to train and Torres will compete with the other four strikers for that position."

Speaking of his decision to rest Terry, Anelka and Lampard last night, he said:  "We took the decision to rest some players and it's just fairness to the amount of talent we have at our disposal.

"It would be a mistake for me not to try to keep everyone motivated and exploit all our talents. That is the task of any manager."