Sex, Drugs, and Soft Rock: The Story of Lavender and Lace

The hardcore world of soft rock EXPOSED! Featuring the most popular rock duo you've never heard of: Lavender and Lace.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

There are not a lot of 'undiscovered' bands out in the world today. The proliferation of MySpace, torrent sites, and various music blogs has ensured that most of the worthy acts get noticed.


Except of course, for one. Yes, I'm talking about Lavender and Lace.


Even today, their contributions to the music world are being felt in the music of Lady GaGa, Bruno Mars, and whoever else just hosted the MTV music awards. Those crazy kids owe a deep debt of gratitude to the act that personified sexual ambiguity better than Bowie, vocal harmony better than Queen, and could teach Amy Winehouse a thing or two about gin and tonics.


Sorry, I didn't mean to be insensitive. Queen could write better harmonies than these two. 


But you might not be aware of who Lavender and Lace are. So luckily an enterprising and under-subscribed YouTube user "bigoshowtime1" has made his own small documentary about this amazing and un-ironic band. Through only 10 known photographs of the group this fan was able to create a concise history; from their humble beginnings in Illinois to their soft rock careers in New York. Check it out below:



Every time I think about this group I cry.


I wasn't aware until Lavender and Lace that there were sex clubs where you could get a gin and tonic. I hope I can operate an open-minded club like that here in Los Angeles someday. For my part, I tried to contact Lavender and Lace's former manager and label, but since their disappearance and fall from grace they've been persona non grata in the music industry.


I think that's a huge loss to the soft rock world, and hope that someday their popularity will go viral. User "bigoshowtime1" feels the same way. He was able to grab a rare MP3 of their only recorded song, "Lavender and Lace", and was gracious enough to share how he found it:


"…I wuz actually a bigger fan of their previous group, The Corn Poppers, thought tehy did some cool s*** back in the day son. So when I hurd they got a new sound I really wanted to checks it out. I wuz friends with a guy named Shoeshire, who wuz a dancer from Macomb, moved to NYC to be a star. I fund him at a Chippendale's working his second job, turned out he got a copy of this CD from a girl he used to do bumps with. That girl wuz a dancer at the sex club the night Lavender…or Lace…one of the two I guess decided to freak out. This fell out his g-string when the police took him away…I still love Skeeter and Rufus man, I just hope theyz ok…LAVENDER AND LACE 4 EVER…"



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