Funny Pages – Let’s Get This Party Started

Welcome to the Internet Dance party, Put your Radio in My Laptop

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

This week, Goths prove they’re really the internet’s trolls. Hot sluts abound, Shane Dawson accosts an old lady and Funny or Die has podcasts! Let’s get this party started! (which probably means dressing up in our neon dreads and going outside, for some reason.)

Break  – Goth Industrial Dance Party (link)

Once again over on break, street dancers have taken over. While not quiet worthy of techno Viking viral hood, this seems to be more of a practice session for would be one day Vikings.

Curiously they’re under a bridge, which means they must be trolls. Which means, this is clearly what happens when the internet gets together for a party.

and now that, that happened, I feel a deep inner sadness. I think the only thing that can save this day is – HOT CHICKS


Atom Films – Hot Sluts, Ep 1 (link)

Welcome to Hot Sluts, with Alison Brie which promises “Endless cleavage, girl fights, and an 800-pound disco ball. All in one slutty nightclub”  And apparently it’s a comedy. Though I don’t know when or where that part happens. But it does have Angela Sarafyan using a horrible Russian accent, and looking smoking hot. So I found it my duty to watch all 5 episodes to make sure it wasn’t funny.. or see how much cleavage it had… work work work.


Youtube – Sick of Twilight (link)

Vlog master taks on nearly a million views in 48 hours in this video exploring the necessity of Honesty in everyday life.


Better yet might be this simple vlog of Shane accosting his mother with a Pigs Feet.


Either way it’s time for a much needed break from the videos. Let’s see what’s funny and not moving on the web today!


Today on Xkcd : Mystery Solved


Today on Natalie Dee: im also a blood circulating geek


Funny Or Die – Where Do Podcasts Come From? (link)

Here’s where things get ironic, I come home from recording my own podcast (pizza games and zombies) to see A) My good podcasting friend Kulap Vilaysack (from Who Charted) doing a video on FOD with Seth Morris about Podcasts!

So Apparently FOD now has podcasts and this video is it’s way of making that announcement.

Well here’s another announcement for you Eric Appeal, head writer and Director for Funny or Dies videos and the Death Valley series, will be joining our game night on Pizza Games and Zombies on October 9th!   

So now that FOD has podcasts, I guess that means people can actually make a living doing it right? Hey Funny or Die, do you already have a podcast about Pizza Games and Zombies? Call us, we'll be gentle.

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