[UPDATE] There Can Be Only One New ‘Highlander’ Director…

...and is it the director of the remake of The Crow?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

[UPDATE: It's official.

As we believe we said before, Highlander is not a bad idea for a remake. The original was a standalone film that precluded sequels, making each successive sequel strain harder and harder to get blood from a particularly anemic stone. With improved action choreography and an eye towards building a successful new franchise, the propose remake of Highlander gets a thumbs up from us, provided they can find a good director. They had one in the form of Fast Five's Justin Lin, but he left the production and now Summit is seeking new talent, and that talent apparently comes in the form of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Fresnadillo made a bit of a splash with his first two films, the Spanish thriller Intacto and 28 Weeks Later, an overblown but fun sequel to Danny Boyle's modern zombie classic 28 Days Later. His latest film, the Clive Owen-starring The Intruders, premiered in Toronto and he's also set to direct Relativity Media's remake of The Crow, which used to have Bradley Cooper attached but is currently searching for a new leading man.

Deadline broke this story, which seems worth getting excited about, but was unclear as to whether Fresnadillo has expressed any interest or if he's merely at the top of Summit's short list. Either way we'll keep you posted as soon as this is confirmed or denied.

CraveOnline will be back with more Highlander news after we do a few vocal exercises. Ahem… "RAMIREZ!!! RAAAAAAMIIIIIIIREZZZZZZ!!!"