“It’s Always Sunny”: 5 IRL Kitten Mitten Videos

To celebrate the return of FX’s hit show, here are real life examples of Charlie’s invention in action.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Maybe “kitten mittens” isn’t so horrible an idea. As a way to dampen cat noise, Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” was obviously way off, and most cats hate wearing clothes of any kind. However, if you don’t want to de-claw your feline, because house cats need to be armed with knife-like hands at all times, this is some sort of solution.


For those of you who haven’t seen the infamous episode, here’s a clip from Charlie’s commercial:

Now, here’s what kitten mittens look like IRL…


Shake It Up

The anxious shaking of the legs? That’s just a cat who’s very, very excited to be wearing kitten mittens.



This cat is the king of pop…ping on his beloved kitten mittens.


Italian Mustache Cat’s Mittens

Ayyy! He-a loves-a his-a mittens!


Kitten Mittens: The Epic Journey

A heroic cat on a quest needs his legendary mittens.


Kitten Mitten Montage

That cheery music can only mean one thing: America's kittens are crazy for their mittens!


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