Floyd Mayweather Jr. Press conference

Highlights from the Floyd Mayweather Jr. press conference.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is considered by many to be the best boxer in the world. Maybe one of the best of all time. Mayweather has dominated every weight class he's entered armed with an impeccable defense that is shrouded in mystery. An offense with the fastest straight right hand you'll ever see accompanied by a swift leaping left hook that can  change any man that stands in front of him (I.E Ricky Hatton). As much as he is revered for his boxing talent he is also criticized for who he is. Criticized for his many distractions whether it be legal troubles or a war of words with his father, Mayweather Sr. Criticized for flaunting his stacks of cash as he has done many times on HBO's 24/7. Criticized for "cherry-picking" opponents. Criticized for demanding Manny Pacquaio to take a test so we can witness the fight we've been waiting for what seems like a few years now to actually happen. Mayweather has been vilified by the media but more importantly, by himself. It seems he relishes this dark spotlight that has been cast upon him with a bright smile on his face. On September 17th Mayweather will be coming off of his nearly 2-year long absence from boxing when he takes on 24-year-old Welterweight title holder Victor Ortiz. Mayweather is a 6-1 favorite for the bout.


Here are some highlights from Mayweather's recent media conference call:


When asked about "scouting" the Victor Ortiz/Andre Berto fight:

"Victor Ortiz was the better man that night. I didn't have any plans. When I left, I was like man, I mean I thought in my head, "This guy-me and him get it on-it'd be an exciting fight." I was happy that the guy won a title, and then I thought when I spoke to him after the Marquez fight, he came over to me and said some pretty generous words-some respectful words-and I said," Don't worry. I know you had a setback before, but a true champion can take a loss and bounce back. Don't worry, you will be champion." Two fights later and now we're facing each other. Things happen like that in the sport of boxing."


When asked about the aggressive nature of this fight:

"This fight, he's looking for the knockout  and I'm looking for the knockout so I can guarantee you guys it won't go the distance. I can guarantee you. "


He then added:

"Right from the gate I'm aggressive. From the Mosley fight when I got hit with the big shot, yeah I held on but I kept coming. So yeah for this fight I'm coming straight ahead."


When asked in what point of a fight does he sense an opponent's frustration due in fact to his stellar defense:

"In the Mosley fight for instance, in the first round when we locked up – instantly he's a B-fighter. I was too strong. I can move him around with just my left arm. So no matter if he caught me with the big shot or not mentally I said he's a B-fighter. And that's what I do going into a fight. Whatever a guy has that is his strongest point about him , whatever the strongest point is of a fighter, what we do is we believe in taking that away. We truly believe in breaking a guy down."


When asked about maintaing his 147 lb frame without cutting weight like most fighters do:

"I think these fighters are not disciplined. Just cause a guy can put on a bunch of water weight or stuff a bunch of food down a be heavy. I don't think it's cool at all. I think it's about being responsible and having discipline. Me , myself I just maintain my weight. Right now even with 10 days away, I know how fighters are. He's probably 13 pounds over. He probably weighs 160 right now or 157. It's hard to box at your fighting weight. Right now I weigh 147, 148 and I can box strong 12 rounds at 147, 148. Even for the De La Hoya fight I went into the fight..I weighed 150 the day before but when I got into the arena the next day I weighed 148. He probably weighed 168. So the weight really don't play a factor  it's really the skills because sometimes that weight can put you into slug mode where you can't really move and do the things that you are capable of doing."


When asked about the concept of ring rust:

"Well, I haven't showed it thus far, so everybody's entitled to say certain things, but I just try to focus on going out there and doing my job."


When asked about his many distractions:

"You know things happen in life. It's a roller coaster ride. You go through certain obstacles in life. You know that's what life is. Life is ups and downs. I got a guy like Al Haymond(Mayweather's trusted advisor) in my corner and a strong team. I just feel no one can stop me. Everything happens for a certain reason."


When asked about his numerous doubters:

"Well, you got to realize that certain individuals call themselves boxing experts. I mean, I feel like what better fighter if you wanted to patent your fighter or patent a style, what better fighter to use than Floyd Mayweather. That's not bragging or boasting. It's just I feel I have the remedy to know how to win, whether it goes the distance or a knockout. The main thing about life is winning in life. Who doesn't want to be-every reporter on this phone should think they are the best. If not, hopefully someday, they'll be looking to be the best. So it's more like you got all these new guys that's around now, right. And then you say it's obvious Floyd must have been doing something right thus far because you have no fighters left from the '96 Olympic team, no fighters left from the 2000, no fighters left from the 2004-even from 2008. So you have to ask yourself where did these guys go?

I've been dominating the fight game since Victor Ortriz was nine years old until now and I'm still sharp. So , like I said before, I have to thank you for the compliment because, like I said, reporters like you keep my striving and keep me working hard and keep me in the sport."


Floyd Mayweather will be taking on Victor Ortiz on September 17th, live on HBO PPV.