Steelers Look Anything But Super

Baltimore cruises to easy 35-7 lead.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Steelers vs. Ravens



What else is there to say after watching the defending AFC Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, get manhandled by their arch rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, to the tune of a 28 point smackdown? Platitudes like “it's only one game” and “there's always next week” just fail to offer any condolences after this epic a smothering.


This was about as bad a regular season loss as you can get for the Steelers and it really puts into question everything that we thought we knew about the Black and Gold. That aged vet defense that was supposed to thrive with the limited offseason because of the years they have played together…well, it was ripped and gashed worse that a virgin having sex for the first time in a Friday the 13th film. They looked so bad, so slow, so OLD that if you squinted enough, you could just about make out the Grim Reaper huddled over the shoulder of everyone on that side of the ball.


And don't get me started on the offense.


The O for the Steelers lives and dies with one man, 'Big' Ben Roethlisberger, and let me tell you, he did not look like an elite QB today. His 3 interceptions easily could have been twice that and his decision making was so bad that following a co-ed into a bar bathroom would have been better judgment than some of his throws.


"I guess they were waiting for this one," Roethlisberger said. "It's not the way you want to start it for us, obviously (but) I'd rather this be a Week 1 loss than a Week 13, 14, 15 loss."


No, this was worse than just a week 1 loss for the Steelers, it was the red nuclear warning sign flashing. It was the Titanic captain shouting 'Iceberg!'. It was about as bad as it can get.


"We got beat into submission," linebacker James Farrior said.


One thing Steelers fans can hope for it that it's also a wake up call because as it stands after this crushing defeat, the only thing Terrible about them is their play.


Photo credit – AP