Eagles Capitalize on Rams Injuries For the Win

Philly 'Dream Team' 1-0 to start season.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Eagles vs. Rams

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good but when you got both going, everybody best be staying out of your way. The Eagles were the beneficiary of some timely injuries to the St. Louis Rams and used their own skills to take game 1 of the season 31-13.


Vick, easily under the most pressure of his professional career with the weight of expectations surrounding both him and his team, came out and delivered a typical solid performance that featured both his legs and his arms. Vick rushed for 98 yards and while not stunning through the air, he completed just 14 for 32 passes for 187 yards, he did tally a pair of touchdowns that was enough to secure the win.


More impressive for the Eagles, and a great sign for the team, was the stellar play they received from running back LeSean McCoy. McCoy posted 137 total yards and 2 touchdowns and kept the Rams defense on their heals the whole game.


The great performance from the Eagles offense was assisted by, as said earlier, key injuries to the Rams offense.


The first offensive play for the Rams was a 47 yard touchdown run by RB Stephen Jackson. Anyone familiar with Jackson knows full well that the back is a tad brittle and he lived up to the billing as he went out soon after that with a leg injury. Second year QB Sam Bradford followed Jackson in the Fourth after injuring his right index finger on the follow-through to a pass.


Without their two greatest scoring threats, the Rams were easy pickings for Vick and the 'Dream Team', who, for one week, was everything people have been making them out to be.


Philadelphia travels to Atlanta for a Sunday night affair next week that will be a true test of the Eagles skill. Atlanta, a SuperBowl contender, is coming off of a nasty beatdown by the Chicago Bears and will be itching for some payback.


Photo credit – AP