The B-Movies Podcast #32 – Hot Horace Hearst

Bibbs and Witney review Contagion, Warrior and Triple H's new crime drama Inside Out!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The B-Movies Podcast luxuriates calmly in your duodenum this week with Episode #32 – Hot Horace Hearst. Join CraveOnline's Film Editor William 'Bibbs' Bibbiani and Witney Seibold of Three Cheers for Darkened Years as they actually get through all the news stories of the week (for a change) and review this week's hottest new releases:the all-star Steven Soderbergh epidemic thriller Contagion, the MMA punch out drama Warrior and the crime drama Inside Out, starring Triple H. They'll also give their learned opinions on such topical news items as Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars, Abigail Breslin's new sex comedy, Beetlejuice 2, the Orphanage remake, David Twohy's new heist thriller, Anthony Hopkins playing a psychic hunter of serial killers and that legendary Temple of Doom footage that finally surfaced this week.

PLUS! When can The B-Movies Podcast run for President? What upcoming movie sounds like a great sex act? Will Eddie Murphy host the Oscars in a fat suit? Who is an oily, oily man? What do WWE movies and Tyler Perry movies have in common? When will somebody finally schedule a Barbarian Brothers movie retrospective? What's Pay It Forward 2: Risk Addiction about? Does the world really need a movie about croquet? Why do Australians shoot the best car chases? And how many pickle jokes can Bibbs make in a single episode? 
Find out the answers to all these questions and more in The B-Movies Podcast: Episode #32 – Hot Horace Hearst!