Did You Know They Were Dead?

It's sad to see people go. But some of them went without even telling us!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

It happens every once in a while. You're sitting around talking to your friends. A name comes up in conversation and someone says, "Hey, whatever happened to them?" And someone else says, "They're dead. They've been dead a while." It's embarrassing. Make sure it never happens to you.

We've compiled a short list of people who've died recently and who might not have made it onto your radar. This way, you know who died… and how…

Check it out:


Elmer Fudd

Hunter and speech impediment enthusiast, Elmer Fudd, passed away tragically in a shoot-out in Amarillo, Texas after a bloody confrontation with seventeen US Marshalls. The Marshalls responded to a panicked 911 call originating for the Amarillo Econo-Lodge Motel where they found Mr. Fudd holding one, Ramona Sanchez, at gunpoint with a illegally modified AK-47. The 911 caller explained that they heard shouting and threats about a drug deal from Fudd’s room, one suite over. “Give me my ‘ha-woah-win’ and wemme get the f*ck out!” Fudd screamed. Many fans remember Fudd’s rise to fame as the cartoon nemesis of Bugs Bunny, who passed away two years prior. After Bugs Bunny’s death, Fudd was quoted as saying, “Now that f*ckin wabbit is dead, I don’t got nothing to wive for.”


Sonya Blade

Female top-cop of the Mortal Kombat universe, Sonya Blade passed away earlier this year. Strangely, she was not killed by another combatant in one of the incarnations of the Mortal Kombat series, but in fact, died of an accidental overdose of anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Her death shocked the producers of the hit television show Ally McBeal, as they were in talks with the late police officer to develop a show based on Blade’s life, called Sonya McBlade. Rumors report that the show would have highlighted her crime-fighting and death match career as well as “bring humor to her life” in which she would be constantly running around at work and looking for the right man to make her life complete… and fireballs.



The Tree from “The Giving Tree”

Though many thought the Boy was satisfied having been provided for a place to sit at the book’s end, what many readers do not know is that the Boy had the Tree’s stump uprooted and burned as part of a deal with a natural gas company’s exploratory team. The Boy was given a  $346.00 check, which the boy then used to purchase a Playstation and copy of Grand Theft Auto.


Princess Toadstool

Famed party girl/socialite/mushroom-related royalty, Princess Toadstool was found dead this week in a friend’s apartment in Los Angeles, California. For weeks, gossip sites like TMZ and Perez Hilton noted the Princess weight gain and attributed the increase in pounds to her all-night party lifestyle. Most fans can recall last October when Princess Toadstool’s uncensored sex tape, “Your Mushroom Cap in My Toadstool” sold 40 million copies worldwide. Many argue that it was at this moment that Princess Toadstool hit rock bottom. Since the tape was released Princess Toadstool could be found drunk and trolling Sunset Boulevard, looking to score meth. Though authorities have yet to list the official cause of death, many have speculated her demise to be a suicide.



Splinter, or “Master Splinter,” as he was known to his “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” died last month after a long and painful battle with colon cancer. Born  a normal-sized rat, Splinter grew to a great size after coming in contact with some top-secret ooze found in the New York sewers. While some sources say that the ooze came from a weapons-grade pharmaceutical plant, others speculate the ooze came from the bathroom of the Manhattan Chipotle. The remaining Turtles, now men, are looking into a class-action lawsuit as they too have developed the same cancer.


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