David Twohy to Direct ‘The Leonardo Job’

Alas, Leonardo DiCaprio is not yet attached.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

There aren't enough art thief movies. That's probably safe to say. Of all the many crimes in the world, few are easier to romanticize than the theft of priceless works of art by navigating elaborate security systems in a fancy-pants museum. Sure, these people are stealing, but at least they have good taste. Now David Twohy is entering the fray with The Leonardo Job, which, as yet, does not have Leonardo DiCaprio attached (but we're sure it's being looked into). Or, if they'd prefer to go obscure with it, they could hire Alec Baldwin, who played the villainous Leonardo Leonardo on the short-lived Clerks: The Animated Series.

Or… perhaps not.

Hollywood Reporter reports in a Hollywood-y locale that Alcon Entertainment has picked up Twohy's script for The Leonardo Job, with Twohy attached to direct. The film tells the story of two rival art thieves competing to recover a lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting in Florence. So it'll be pretty, at least. You may remember that Alcon Entertainment is the company that brought you The Blind Side, and currently owns the sequel rights to Blade Runner.

Twohy is currently hard at work on the third Chronicles of Riddick film, about which Vin Diesel recently gave us an update. In addition to writing and directing such decent-to-great films as Pitch Black, The ArrivalA Perfect Getaway and Below, he's also written screenplays for such fine pieces of entertainment as The Fugitive, Warlock and Critters 2. Then again he also wrote Terminal Velocity and Waterworld, so it's fair to call his career a little hit-or-miss. We're keeping our fingers crossed that The Leonardo Job is one of the "hits."

CraveOnline will be back with more Leonardo Job news whenever Leonardo gets the job.