Joel Edgerton on ‘Warrior’

The star of the new MMA movie talks about his training and why Warrior is the first movie that portrays the sport correctly.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

I would have loved to ask Joel Edgerton more questions about Warrior, but since they were playing brothers in the movie, he always had to share time with Tom Hardy. And you don’t want to interrupt Tom Hardy! Still, between Comic-Con and the film’s press junket, I was able to get a few questions in with this star of Warrior.


CraveOnline: As you trained, did you notice in your daily life things were different, you were stronger?

Joel Edgerton: It feels good. It feels good to be fit and strong. I think it feels good to learn new things and that’s one of the great privileges I think of being an actor. Someone pays you and sends you off to learn about something that you’d never otherwise have known about.


CraveOnline: What have other movies gotten wrong about MMA that you were able to get right?

Joel Edgerton: I think without a doubt, this is the first, unless I haven’t been aware of them, that depicts this sport in a way that’s getting closer to the truth. Takes it seriously and gives it the respect it deserves.


CraveOnline: After this do you feel like now you maybe could take Koba (Kurt Angle in the movie)?

Joel Edgerton: It’s funny, every time you go through some experience you think is going to make you better at something, you actually feel like you get worse at it. I think learning that much about fighting made me realize just how much of a fighter I’m not. It’s something I equate to acting as well, the more you think you know the less you know, and the more you realize there is to know. It’s a good lesson to learn in life, especially when it comes to fighting big guys, or a little guy.