AC: Revelations Beta Live Tomorrow

This is a public service announcement. Better get cracking on sharpening your knives.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


This is just a friendly reminder: the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations multiplayer beta goes live tomorrow for PlayStation Plus subscribers and active users of Ubisoft’s Uplay service. If you find yourself in either of those camps, then be on the lookout for a beta download code arriving in your email inbox.

Ubisoft is actually letting players who receive a code today pre-install the beta so it’s ready to go as soon as  the event goes live tomorrow. That way you won’t have to spend precious time away from all the face stabbing to download and install the multiplayer taster which runs from September 3rd through the 11th.

If you forgot what’s being included in the beta (or just didn't know to begin with), here you go:

The Assassin’s Creed: Revelations beta will include three maps (Knight’s Hospital, Antioch, Constantinople), four modes (Wanted, Manhunt, Deathmatch, Artifact Assault), and nine playable classes (all listed below in detail).

  • The Sentinel – A Wallachian noble by birth and a former Assassin, Vali cel Tradat seeks satisfaction through vengeance. Favored weapon: Long Katar
  • The Vanguard – Oksana Razin worked for the Templars as a spy before joining their Order, exchanging loyalty for wealth. Favored weapon: Small Axe
  • The Guardian – The estranged cousin of a Sultan, Odai Dunqas embraces the Templar ideology of seeking peace through order and stability. Favored weapon: Lance
  • The Vizier – Damat Ali Pasha joined the Templars in hopes of bringing order and glory to a world ruled by chaos. Favored weapon: Sword
  • The Thespian – The Templars often rely on Lysistrata’s seductive charisma to influence Ottoman officials and visiting monarchs. Favored weapon: Dagger
  • The Deacon – Cyril of Rhodes uses his position in the Church to destroy it from within and further Templar dominance. Favored weapon: Long Sword
  • The Bombardier – Kadir is a strong asset to the Templars. He trades weapons and information for money and power. Favored weapon: Mace
  • The Trickster – A canny thief, the fortune-teller Mirela Djuric is the Templars’ link to a vast underworld of criminal activity. Favored weapon: Dagger
  • The Champion – The professional fighter Georgios Kostas has earned the Templars’ esteem and the right to fight for the red cross. Favored weapon: Small Axe