7 Hip-Hop Remixes of the Cheers Theme

Bull & Finch represent. To all my Dianes and Rebeccas, work that a$$.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

“Frasier” might be the best thing to spin-off of “Cheers,” but certainly the most puzzling are the many rap songs that sample Portnoy and Angelo’s famous opening theme. I guess the Venn diagram of aging white alcoholics and young hip-hop producers does have an overlap. So raise your glass and say something brilliantly witty while listening to these “Cheers” theme remixes:


D-Block – “Take Everything You’ve Got”

All those gun sounds… those bitches from Gary's Olde Town Tavern must’ve just shown up.


Azizi Major – “Throw Your Drinks Up”

The girl Azizi Major is drinking with? Carla Tortelli, yo.


Young Cash f. T-Pain & Iceberg – “Sometimes”

I love the episode where Cliff makes it rain, after jacking all those checks from the mail.


YenkoMusic – “Everybody Knows”

Shh… we’re gonna chill this bitch down, y’all.


Beatz Like Dis – “Cheers Theme (New Orleans Bounce Mix)”

I wonder if they people who made this have ever actually watched an episode of “Cheers.”


Dat Dude – “Cheers (The Cocaine 2010 Remix)”

Dat Dude is here and he’s inviting Diane to do cocaine with him. Does Sam know about this? Does he even care?


King Spyda – “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

King Spyda walks in. Everyone says, “Mr. Boston!” To which he replies, “I’m the motherf***ing king!”


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