DCU Online DLC Will Now Be Free

The upcoming Green Lantern-centric add-on will no longer cost you anything.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sony Online Entertainment has had a change of heart. Originally, the upcoming “Fight for the Light” add-on for DC Universe Online was going to cost consumers $9.99. Now the DLC will be free when it launches on September 6, 2011 in the U.S.

The “Fight for the Light” add-on introduces Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps power rings to DCU Online. Unfortunately, you can’t become a full-fledged member of the GLC or Sinestro Corps via the DLC (only a emblem-less rookie), but at least you can augment your power-set with some ring slingin’ abilities. The “Fight for the Light” add-on will also introduce three new missions to the title.

So, you might be asking yourself why is the DLC now free? Well, Sony claims that they made the add-on free as a gift to their loyal fanbase. That’s very generous of them, but we think it might have something to do with the fact that DCU Online already has a relatively small user-base. The game didn’t take off as well as Sony and DC probably expected it to. Therefore, charging extra for the “Fight for the Light” DLC might push away the remaining costumers that Sony and DCUO can’t afford to lose. But that’s just a theory on our end.

Either way, the news here is that the upcoming “Fight for the Light” DLC for DCU Online will now be 100% free. So if you’re still playing the game, make sure to let Sony Online Entertainment know your satisfaction with this decision.