PAX Prime 2011 Pulls in 70K Attendees

The original West Coast convention is king again.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


This past weekend we were knee deep in video games at PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle, Washington. So were roughly 70,000 other gaming enthusiasts, PAX business operations head Robert Khoo told website Neowin. This makes PAX Prime 2011 the largest PAX convention yet. A new king has been crowned.

It wasn’t but six months ago that the East Coast version of PAX, PAX East, set the record for most attendees with 69,500. It seems we have a future on our hands of constant back-and-forth volleys between these two mammoth fan-centric, gaming conventions. And to think it all started back in 2004 with the inaugural PAX show that drew in a crowd of only 3,300 people. That just goes to show you how popular the Penny Arcade conventions have become.

PAX has become so popular, in fact, that there are whispers in the wind that Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik are looking to branch out to a third city, maybe something overseas. At this point, that doesn’t seem so far-fetched. But how the Penny Arcade team plans to manage the extra workload on top of everything else they got going on is something I’m curious about. I think there’s only one reasonable explanation: they’re robots!

Either way, congrats to everyone at Penny Arcade for hitting a new milestone and providing another outstanding show for the fans.

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