Eagles Blunder With Vick Deal

What is Philadelphia thinking with this contract?

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The biggest news to hit the airwaves yesterday was the Philadelphia Eagles signing Michael Vick to a 6 year deal that could shell out upwards to $100 million dollars with incentive. Realistically, however, only $40 mil of it is guaranteed. This contract, Vick's second in his career to reach that $100 mil range (an NFL record),  puts the talented QB back in a position both financially and career-wise where he can be considered one of the elite QB's in the league. This is a huge step from the prison cell he occupied just a few short years ago.

But as huge of a step as this is for Vick, it's an equally huge mistake by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Let me start out by saying that I am not 'anti-vick' nor am I 'pro-vick'. When it comes to him, I am completely unbiased. So when I say this is a stupid move by the Eagles, it honestly has nothing to do with any incidents from Vick's past.

I consider this a very ignorant move by the Eagles for quite a few reasons. Besides the obvious one that they could have just let this year play out before giving him a fat contract, thereby making sure that last season wasn't just a one year fluke, there are a few common sense ones as well.

Ones like, in reality, you have to assess Vick almost like you would a running back. Being a run-first quarterback exposes him to the type of contact normally reserved for runners and if you look at the shelf life for running backs, Vicks 31 years is nearly ancient in that regard. Sure, the guy could miraculously turn into a Tom Brady, or even a Ben Roethlisberger, but don't count on it.

Another reason you have to question this contract, besides his age and wear and tear, is that the Eagles already had a franchise quarterback on staff but were just to afraid to give the man a shot. From all indications, Kevin Kolb (now of the Arizona Cardinals) has all the makings of a good starting NFL quarterback. That Vick could leap-frog Kolb and keep the job is laughable to me. Yes, Vick had one good season last year for the Eagles and at his best, he brings an arsenal unmatched in football, but let's be honest, a drop back passer is a better long term investment than a running QB.

Philly has put itself in a make or break position. With all the additions to their team this offseason, it literally is a SuperBowl or bust season for them. If things go as I believe they might, their best quarterback option may be behind Vick in Vince Young, and if that comes about, then how well will that guaranteed $40 mil sit with the Eagles owner and the fans.

You know, Vick could come out and surprise the entire NFL this year with an outstanding campaign. He could break QB records left and right, leading his team to a SuperBowl win and vindication for all the dollars he received this year.

And I could also sprout wings and fly to the moon.

You never know, either could happen, right?